December 31, 2015

Changing My Life in 1 Year

2014 was a great year. I had started my blog, was halfway through my first semester at college (away from home to boot), and I had really been following my passions. 

It was New Year's Eve and I was in one of my usual panic modes. The 2014 version of me got very nervous in social situations and I almost couldn't bring myself to go to the New Years Eve party on the beach with my family. My dress didn't look right, my makeup was all wrong, and I just wanted to lie in bed.

I gave myself a few minutes to mope and I pulled out my phone and opened it to the notes app. There, I wrote my New Years resolutions.

I was tired of being happy on the outside, but not on the inside. It's a very funny state to be in because to everyone, you look ok. You have a blog that you enjoy to write. You have a loving family and boyfriend. You get good grades in school. 

I knew that 2015 needed to be the year that I was happy with myself and not just the things I had or what I could accomplish.

So I laid the groundwork for myself. I wrote down what I wanted and hoped that by this time next year, I'd be writing this blog post. 

I wanted to...
1. be more confident. Wear bikinis like they're t-shirts.
2. go without makeup sometimes and not worry about acne scars or imperfections
3. eat right. Not two bites of salad, but not a double cheesburger and fries. Find a balance and have a good relationship with food.
4. blog about beauty and health and things I really truly was passionate about instead of fixating on trying to be current and trendy
5. listen more and ask questions
6. stop worrying 

So, what do I have to say for myself as 2015 comes to an end?

1. I'm really proud that I can throw something on and not worry about how I look in it. Yes, I've lost a lot of weight and while it wasn't all intentional, (eating veggies does wonders I guess) I feel good and am confident to wear things I wouldn't have worn before. Do I wear bikinis like they're t-shirts? No. But no one does. Everyone has insecurities. At least this year I'm more comfortable and confident. Last year I was hiding in big clothes and this year I can't get enough of spaghetti straps. 

2. If you would have told me last year that I would move to wearing makeup about twice a week I would have laughed. Me? But what about all my acne scars? What about the fact that my skin doesn't seem to be one solid, flawless color? Oh well. I truly love the skin I'm in.

3. Sometimes I eat brussels sprouts and chicken. Sometimes I eat tacos. I am happy.

4. I've had some posts I've been really stoked about in 2015. I have gotten to share a lot about my life with you all and I love it. I try to write posts for every reader: college tips, fashion, health, etc. But I always write them for me as well. Writing has always been a part of my life and has helped me through a lot, so I love that I'm able to do it and have it be public for others to enjoy. 

5. I think I do this. I hope I do this. I'm going to continue to do this. After all, I met a lot of new people in 2015 and let me tell you, it was awesome.

6. You can't stop worrying completely. Everyone worries. But does your flat tire fix itself because you worried about it? No. I try to take things with a grain of salt as best as I can, and you know what? My skin is clearer and my heart is happier.

I know that lately, my blog has been a lot of reflections. But hopefully you can see that this is because 2015 was a year of change. I am a lot different than I was in 2014 and it is all for the better. I like to use this blog to look back on how far I've come and see how I can challenge myself even more.

If you're wanting to set some resolutions, I highly encourage you to challenge yourself. There's probably something in your life that you've always wanted to change or to make better. If you look at it, dissect it, write it down on paper or save it in your phone, you can see that there's really nothing stopping you. Maybe all that's stopping you You truly can do anything you set your mind to.

So buy an outfit you've always wanted to wear, but you've been afraid to try. Cut your hair. Sell your car. Apply for that job. Start that blog. Delete that guy's phone number. Whatever it is, you can do it.

Open the notes app on your phone tonight and change your life.

I love you all and I wish you a very happy 2016.



December 28, 2015

What to Expect When Traveling Out of the Country

I've been traveling out of the country since I was still in Pampers. (Only at night, ok?!) As I've mentioned before on the blog, my dad is from Honduras. We visit every couple years and I get to see my many, many cousins. (My dad is #8 out of 10 kids!) We do a family reunion every couple of years and it's a great time to get to hang out with my huge family.

This December, it isn't time for our scheduled family reunion, but we are going to visit to have a relaxing and fun family winter vacation.

So...I'm not necessarily a "pro" because I haven't been all over the world. However, I have been to Honduras a handful of times and I've waited in the long, hot customs line for more hours than I've probably watched Netflix. Yup. So I'm kinda a pro.

Here's what you need to know about traveling out of the country:

Flights can be long
Luckily, the flight to Honduras is only two and a half hours. Still, it's good to be prepared. Not only do I bring books and magazines with me, but I always take my Evian spray mist. (#notsponsored) It's great to refresh my skin when I get off the airplane and into the hot and humid customs line.

It's different, but good different
As soon as the warm air hits me, I know I'm not in Kansas Texas anymore. I am definitely one to get anxiety in new environments, so I have to really focus on relaxing and not freaking out about being in a new place. Breathe in everything as a new experience!

You'll need to part with your phone data
Not just so you can relax on a vacation, but because data charges. Turn roaming data off and if you're not sure, just put your phone on airplane mode when not on wifi. But when you do find wifi, post a bunch of pictures so everyone can ooh and ahh at your trip.

Be up for trying new things
I am HORRIFIED (all caps because it's so true) of anything that stings. Jellyfish, stingrays, ....what else can sting? Oh, bees. Yes, I hate bees. So on a family vacation a couple of winters back we went swimming with stingrays. I thought about not getting off the boat at all and just taking pictures of my family participating, but then I thought "YOLO", so I jumped off the boat grabbed onto my dad for dear life and swam out to the stingrays. They were actually so gentle and pretty cute!

You never know what "new things" you can try while traveling out of the country. You might try to speak a little bit of a foreign language or try exotic food. Whatever it is, just do it. You may only get that experience once, so you won't want to miss out.

It's pretty easy to fall under the weather
Ask me what my worst fear in the world is. Go on, ask me...

Getting sick away from home.

It's happened to me a couple times and all those times have happened to be some of the worst days ever. Have you ever thrown up 4 times in an outhouse in 100 degree weather? 10/10 would not recommend.

The best way to prevent picking up any germs while traveling abroad is to wash your hands thoroughly, stay hydrated, and don't eat anything that has been sitting out. (We think this is the culprit of the outhouse incident of 2009.)

The weather might be different 
Before my boyfriend Cameron went to study abroad in Ireland this past summer, we spent an hour in Eddie Bauer getting him a rain coat. He tried on a a couple over and over, debating which one was lighter, which would be easier to roll up in his backpack, and which shade of green truly looked best.

It didn't end up raining much on Cam's trip, but the jacket was a good investment for sure. For Honduras, I pack lots of lightweight clothing, bathing suits, and good sneakers for any excursions.

So I'm actually in Honduras right now if you didn't know...#gotcha! My post scheduler is faulty, so Cam is posting this and another one on Thursday to keep up with my normal schedule. (He's the best.)

Be sure you're following me on Twitter and Instagram (@cristina96x on both) to keep up. Thursday's post is really, really near and dear to my heart so stay tuned, ya'll!

Hope your winter break is going swimmingly! (pun intended because I'm swimming like a fish over here!)



December 23, 2015

Last Minute Holiday Cards: Free and Fast!

I think sending holiday cards is one of the best ways to spread the holiday cheer, but let's face it - if you've just crammed for 5 finals and have made the trip home for break, you probably didn't have time to design one your self or visit the convenience store printer. 

I made mine in about 10 minutes with Picmonkey (totally free!!), so for this month's #galpalholiday linkup, I'm showing you how you can, too! 

1. Go to and choose your template on the design button. I did the 8x10! 

2. You can keep the template as is or you can rotate it to make it horizontal, like I did. Simply go to the "rotate" option on the "Basic Edits" icon.

3. Next, import the picture you want to use for your card by clicking the butterfly icon for overlays and clicking "your own"
Find the picture you want from your computer and double click!

4. Click on your picture and move it around to your liking. I wanted some white space for designs and text. 

5. This is the fun part: click the very last icon in the editing tools, the snowflake, and go to "Santa Land". Here you'll find fun holiday designs to add to your card. 

6. Choose a greeting with the "season's messages" tool.

7. Change the text color and click on it to resize it as you wish!

8. Add some stickers! I clicked on the "stockings" stickers to add some above our heads for a cute, fun touch. 

9. Once you're done adding stickers and designs, click on the text button to create your message! Play around with the sizing and font until you find the one that looks just right.

10. Save it to your computer, so you can print and share with friends and family! 

Now this was just an example, but I did actually make one for real! If you'd like to receive a holiday card from me, leave me a comment with your email :) And don't forget to check out the other posts in this #galpalholiday linkup! 

Wishing you a very happy holiday! 



December 20, 2015

Why I Blog

I was ironing clothes and I remembered something from a couple years back.

As I've mentioned before, junior year I was on drill team. At one of our competitions, I performed my solo and won the runner-up spot. I remember being completely surprised when they called my name seeing as the soloists that had gone that day were completely amazing and tough competition. Needless to say, I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the night.

I bought a shirt there, the kind with the competition's name written in blocky, neon letters; I wanted to remember that day and my performance forever. Later that weekend, I even went to Hobby Lobby and got some iron-on letters. I stood in the teeny hallway of my house Sunday evening ironing letter by letter, carefully spelling out "runner up Miss Drill Team TX" beneath the competition name.

Monday morning at the crack of dawn I got up, got ready, and put on my new shirt. However, by the time I got to first period, I had hidden my shirt under my sweatshirt, ashamed for ever thinking something like that was cool. No one had said a word to me as I walked into school, but I told myself "Who cares, Cristina? Cover that up. It's lame to be proud of it."

In high school, it's really, really hard not to care what people think.

As I've mentioned before, I ended up transferring my senior year. There was no drill team at my new, tiny school. I ended up rekindling my love for choir and sang as an alto with some of the best people I ever had the chance of knowing. When I graduated high school, I was just me. Cristina. Used-to- dance, used-to-sing, and used-to-be passionate about something.

At the beginning of July my friend Sadie and I were texting back and forth about our favorite blogs. I don't know when the conversation turned to what we would do if we had blogs, but soon enough we were thinking of names and debating which platform was best to use. That night, I created this website. I get kind of offended about seeing those pins on Pinterest on "How to Start A Blog in 10 minutes" because it's much more complicated. You may have a website in 10 minutes, but content? Readers? Affiliates? That'll take time. But if you love it, like I do, it's so worth it.

I wasn't really worried what the people across the street would think of me posing in my front yard as my boyfriend or sister took pictures of my outfit. It doesn't really phase me when people wonder why Cam is snapping several pictures of me sipping coffee with a bulky DLSR. I'm just happy to have something that not only I feel passionate about, but others feel compelled to read and comment on.

Like I've said before, the "wow I love this" comments and the texts saying that my blog is more addicting to them than Gossip Girl mean the world to me. Blogging can be a lonely hobby. It's a lot of talking to a cursor on a blank page, a lot of emails back and forth to someone sitting behind a computer just like you, and a lot of taking pictures in your room of stationary objects that don't offer much company.

I'll type through my bad days and bad moods. I'll type to help me make sense of something or to help me make sense of something for others.

I've always written. When I was little, my dad worked for a company called Compaq (it was acquired by HP in 2003). He would bring home "notebooks" (def: laptops) that his company worked to produce and sell and I would get to play with them.

When I was in first grade, I learned how to use Microsoft Word. I would write about my dog, what I did after school, what games my sister and I played. I learned how to print them and how to change the color of the text.

When my penmanship got better, I wrote in journals. Sometime in middle school I wrote a story on the family laptop. It was a modern-day version of Cinderella and I had big hopes to send it to a publisher (not sure I even knew what that was). Then the laptop crashed and Geek Squad couldn't revive any documents.

In high school, I passed notes with Cameron for about three years. Sometimes they were just about weekend plans and sometimes they were more than that, but I was always writing and always sneakily stuffing them into his backpack or jacket pocket.

I should also point out that I read a lot. I read through the teen section at Barnes and Noble by the time I was 12, so I started reading the classics. Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Letter (before we were asked to read it in school). I learned a lot of writing skills from my favorite authors: Sarah Dessen, Maggie Stiefvater, and Meg Waite Clayton. (Linked them, so you can read for yourself because they are so, so good.)

So I was just thinking of what I should write about for this Monday and since I've been reading a lot (my favorite books over again, magazine articles, old notes Cameron wrote me) I felt compelled to tell you a bit more about why I'm here.

It's always been the best thing for me to write out my thoughts. Within the next couple of months, I have some really deep stuff coming. Don't get weirded out by the sound of that - it's just that this year has been such a time of growth and I have some significant anniversaries/landmarks coming up that I want to share with you.

In addition to that, I'm planning on working on my new website this winter break. There's no telling whether I'll get a lot of work done on it and will be ready to make it go live soon, but I'm also not saying that's not going to happen. So just be ready for a whole new website just in case, ha ha. And if you're wondering, won't be "Cristina on Campus" anymore. I always will be, but I thought of a more fitting title for a blog that holds the details of my life.

Stick around for all the fun!



December 17, 2015

Real Advice from Real College Girls

It's beginning to look a lot like...the end of the semester. Every post on Facebook is either someone complaining about how their 78 isn't getting bumped or an article summing up the semester in a slew of Jennifer Lawrence memes. I think it's valuable to look back on your semester, see if you met your goals, and see what you want to change for next semester.

I like reading the blog posts about what people have learned. What advice they can offer to others, younger and older, when it comes to surviving a semester full of exams, events, and sometimes lots of stress.

My reps are an awesome group of girls. Some of them I know from home and some have applied after we met each other here in the blog-o-sphere. They're college athletes, working girls, pre-med students, and even some high school girls that are working their tails off to apply to their dream schools. So I asked them what they learned this semester:

"This semester I learned that taking 4 online classes is not easy and it takes a lot of self-discipline. If it is possible, do NOT do this! I would suggest only taking one or two online....Also, going to bed before midnight really helps..."
-Katie, Stephen F. Austin University 

"1. Get ahead in your classes early on, it will help you when you hit a slump toward the end of the semester and bomb a test but your grade doesn't suffer because you've built it up all semester.
2. Don't be afraid to do things on your own. Go eat at the dining hall by yourself, it's really not that bad to be by yourself sometimes.
3. Try and get out of your comfort zone. ...I would rather stay in and watch rom-coms with friends than have a night out "frat-house hopping". But I have the opportunity to try new even if I want to stay in and's good for me to try new things and go to a distinguished lecture series or go to Whataburger at 2 a.m...."
-Emma, University of Arkansas 

"I learned this semester to be bold, take risks, and to do what makes you happy because life is short and who cares what other people think. You deserve to be happy and live your life how you want to. Your true friends will understand, back you up, and stick with you through everything!"
Selena, University of Wisconsin  

"Having a job is great for having extra money, but remember to have time for fun as well! It can be draining, physically and mentally, to just go to school and work everyday. Take advantage of the days when you don't have to work and have a light school load for the day by hanging out with friends or just doing something outside if the weather is nice!"

Clarisa, University of Arkansas 

"Not everything is going to be your thing, and that's okay. I took a couple classes that I ended up not liking, and I got really frustrated. I couldn't fix my schedule, so I was stuck with those classes for the entire semester. I had some great friends in those classes, though, and we've managed to get through it together! I also learned that you don't have to do what everyone else is doing. I took a class that not a lot of people took, but I ended up loving it and met some of my best friends in that class."
Brooke, Blog: Live The Prep Life, Colleyville, TX

"I tend to fall into the same habits each year no matter how much I tell myself differently. But, one valuable lesson I learned this semester is stop buying takeout. Whether it be a pizza while you're studying, a coffee every morning, or Taco Bell for lunch - I've done it all. Compared to food that you can cook yourself, your take out doesn't have as much nutrition in it which can really affect your day-to-day life (think acne, poor sleeping habits, too much bad food)."

Rachel, Blog: Seashells + Sparkles, Westfield State University 

I hope you had a wonderful semester! So thankful for these girls and their wise words.



December 14, 2015

Semester Reflections

After every semester, I like to talk about what I've learned and all that jazz. If you'd like to see what I thought after my first semester of freshman year and my second semester of freshman year, go ahead and catch up on those.

It's only been a couple months here, but I've perfected some really easy recipes which usually consist of me throwing together whatever is in my fridge. (How did you like my "I can't cook" recipe?) I've also gotten pretty good at grocery shopping which is a pretty big accomplishment for a 19-year-old food lover.

Blogging has really become my own little business and favorite hobby! I looked at my posts from about a year ago and I've come a long way. I've worked with brands I really admire and I've really started to find my place in writing about what really speaks to me. I've gotten more comfortable with being "different" and sharing more about me personally and it's really been going well.

I've found a workout that I really love (I'm a crazy Zumba lady now and I plan to be shaking it in class till I'm 99 so watch out!)  I don't stress as much about eating the right foods or being super healthy in all aspects. I just focus on nourishment and self-love and that has been so much better for me.

After being horribly scared that this semester would kick my butt, I totally turned around and surprised myself by doing really well which is all I could ever hope for as the semester comes to an end. I mean the harder it is, the better studying tips I can share on my blog right?

My hair has finally grown which may sound like a silly accomplishment, but I've really been hoping it would. I'd like to thank my wide tooth comb, natural products, and the fact that I almost never apply heat because I'm too lazy.

I have become less of a worry-wart. I definitely still am a worry-wart, but I think I've mellowed out about it. Where do I see myself in 3 years? Eh, who knows. But that's ok, because we can't really plan everything out, now can we?

I got to celebrate 5 years with Cam and boy was that sweet. I love that we live so close to each other this year and that I have a partner in crime for Target trips, Sonic runs, and road trips. We both are looking forward to heading home and seeing our families (and dogs!!!) and telling everyone about how many fun things we've gotten to do so far this year.

Not everything has been easy or enjoyable, but that's life. When I have a hard day, I sit here at my desk and just talk to all of you. I read comments, I put all my feelings into words, and I look through the screenshots I have on my phone from whenever one of ya'll texts me that you liked the post or even that it made you cry. I obviously hate ruining any mascara, but knowing that I've helped you or made you feel something - that makes my heart so happy.

I'll still be blogging Mondays and Thursdays over the break and I'm always taking pictures and trying to be funny on my Twitter and Instagram (@cristina96x on both!). Keep following along and thanks for being the best friends an internet gal could ever have!



December 10, 2015

The Real Trick to Surviving Finals

Ok so bear with this analogy: You know when you want to put your hair in a messy bun? You have an outfit that the hairstyle would look just perfect with and you do a dramatic lip color to match the glam of the topknot. Then, with all your heart, you try to twist your hair into the messy bun and it just looks...bad? Yeah, I hate that. But then when you go to wash your face and you pull your hair back..BAM. Perfect messy bun. It's the worst.

Ok so finals week is kinda like that. If you give it all the (negative) attention, it won't be good. See, it's not about how hard your finals are, it's about how hard you are on yourself. Everyone around you is complaining, crying, and retweeting depressing Twitter memes (guilty). Snap out of it! It's an exam. Obviously, it's very important, but if you feed it's ego and tell it it's big and scary, it will be.

I notice that I don't feel stressed until everyone starts talking about how stressful finals are. Then I'm like, "Wait, should I be stressed? I mean what if I fail? I would get a bad grade in the class. Oh no. I'm going to cry. I need a sandwich and a bathroom stall to reenact the dramatic scene in Mean Girls when she cries in the bathroom."

Chill......The trick to studying for finals is to not build it up to be something horrifying.

Find a stress free zone to study in 
This probably isn't the library. My campus' library makes me feel sad and blue inside, so I avoid it at all costs. I like warm environments like coffee shops or just studying at HQ (my desk in my room).

Take breaks; not just for Netflix, but for something meaningful
Go on a drive to look at Christmas lights, do some holiday shopping with friends, watch Elf. Taking an hour or two off will really keep your sanity and you can enjoy the holiday spirit.

Have a countdown
You can get an app for your phone or just be old fashioned (Me!) and use a calendar. Watching the "Days left till Winter Break" get smaller and smaller will really keep you in good spirits.

Group de-stressing
Your university (or dorm) probably offers something like movie night or a holiday party for everyone to get together and have some holiday fun while taking a break from studying. I personally like to go to group exercise class or take tonight for instance - my church group and I are having a gingerbread house making contest!

So don't think about your messy bun. Just grab the necessary materials - brush, hair elastic, and dry shampoo - and whip it into something amazing! Oh...we're talking about finals...I meant finals.

After writing this, I realized by the time you read this, some of you will have finished finals and probably already be home. (LUCKY DUCKS!!!!) So, if you're home already, I challenge you to this winter break bucket list:

  • bake Christmas cookies
  • perform a lip sync and choreographed dance to your favorite Christmas song
  • send me the video so I can get a good laugh while studying for finals
  • watch your favorite Christmas movie 
  • don't forget a card with your presents - tell the person you're gifting to how much you love them!
  • go look at Christmas lights
  • try dark chocolate hot's SO good!
  • don't count calories on any festive treat (give me all the peppermint candy!)
  • keep checking Cristina on Campus Monday's and Thursday's for new posts!!!

Good luck and safe travels home!



December 7, 2015

The Struggle of Being Low-Maintenance

You might be the low maintenance one of the group if...

You realized by reading this you've been pronouncing it "mai-tenance" because that first "N" just takes too long to say and you're all about efficiency

I'm only half joking.

You have one outfit that is your "going out" outfit. One.

I mean if it only happens once every couple months you only need one, right? You don your trusty skinny jeans and booties ($20 at Charlotte Russe HOLLER) while your friends try on a slew of cute sweaters and every Kendra accessory the rainbow has to offer.

You've been using the same eyeshadow pallet since *cough* 7th grade
I mean you've barely dipped into it; this thing is practically immortal. You probably don't have proper brushes either. (Does a Q-tip count?)

You're the first one ready to go out, so you've downloaded games on your phone for when you have to wait for everyone.
I mean or maybe you sit there and read the WSJ, but let's be honest with ourselves here.

You don't have any Starbucks red cups pictures in your camera roll because the plain old $2 drip brew from elsewhere is much more appealing than a $5 latte
But would it kill Einsteins to get some red cups?!?!?

Your closet is more for storage than it is to hold clothes
I've got a TV, several moving boxes, a fan, and a yoga mat in mine, wbu??

When your friends all go to the bathroom and spend 5 minutes doing touch ups, you end up telling long stories about your old dog or ex-boyfriend just to kill the time that you won't be spending redoing your winged liner
Sorry, is this not relatable?

You own one fancy outfit
And it's the same one you wore to your graduation, your cousin's graduation, three weddings, a friend's limo birthday party, and it's probably what you'll be buried in.

You don't know how to contour
When I see one of those contour sticks, I get short of breath, I swear.

The last big hair change you made was changing your part
It's revolutionary, really.

You read blogs and watch makeup tutorials on Youtube, but never actually apply the tips of "the perfect winged liner" and "romantic side swept curls"'re a low maintenance gal.

Not hating on anyone if you can't relate to any of these/if you own a lot of Kendra. Honestly - teach me how to use a contour stick! Just trying to liven up your Monday. Have a great week, everyone!



December 3, 2015

Get Fit Without the Gym

Eat veggies twice a day
It's a simple rule to follow, just make sure it happens. For lunch, I'm usually starving after classes, so I only want to spend a few minutes making something. I'll heat up a black bean burger or veggie patty and then have something green on the side (even if it's out of a can because #college). For dinner, I'll make pasta or have some kind of lean meat like chicken or ground turkey and have some more greens.

My "I suck at cooking" fool-proof recipe for the BEST brussels sprouts:

  • preheat oven to 400
  • mix frozen brussels, a spoonful of olive oil, and a pinch of salt in a bowl together
  • lay out brussels on a cookie sheet or baking tray
  • pop in the oven for 35-45 min (depends on how crispy you like them) 
  • *some recipes say to shake them every 10 min, but ain't nobody got time for that. They'll just be darker on one side, but still delicious

Try to walk as much as you can
At school, I can easily get in a couple thousand steps before lunch. It's campus and you have to walk to get anywhere. At home, it's not so easy. My plan is to figure out how many steps I get on campus each day and try to match that by walking around my neighborhood a couple days a week. Walk your dogs, walk your kids, borrow someone's dog and walk it...just get those steps in.

Eat when you're hungry
One issue I had my first year of college with healthy eating was that I ate when I wasn't exactly hungry. Class got out for me at 11:35 and I always went to the dining hall to eat something so I could start studying by 1. Now that I live off campus I don't live by the dining halls hours. I eat whenever and want and whatever I want have in my fridge at the time.

If you do live on campus and have to eat by the hours of the dining halls/food vendors, grab a small plate if you're not that hungry and keep some healthy snacks back at your dorm for later.

Keep healthy food at home
Speaking of eating what's in my fridge, studies show that if you have healthy stuff, you'll reach for it instead of the junk. (Duh? Don't need a PhD to know that right? Sheesh.) I don't keep any junk food in my fridge or pantry for myself. Ok, ok unless you count the three bags of Twizzlers my mom gave me, but those were a gift. "Treat yo self" when you go out and stick to the healthy stuff at home for balance.

If you want to know exactly what I have on hand here at HQ, I did a post on that a couple of months ago.

"This isn't the end of the world"
So when I first started trying to eat healthier about a year ago, I had this mantra for myself:

It's hard to turn down a cupcake right? Sure. But, if you just think "this isn't the last time I'm going to have a cupcake. I mean, I can turn down this one. I'm sure it'll be someone's birthday sometime soon or I'll win a dozen cupcakes on Twitter or something and I'll get to have one then."

So the winning cupcakes totally happens sometimes, heehee. Follow Bliss Cupcakes on Twitter!

Last year, I was so hard on myself and strict about going to the gym at least 5 times a week. Now that I've moved to just focusing on being healthy and moving my body when I can, I've toned up more than ever and been a lot less stressed.

Make a green smoothie and think of me!