October 31, 2014

Makeup on a Budget

There's always a little bit of disappointment in my heart when I see that the gorgeous lipstick Lauren Conrad is wearing is $30. Sometimes I want to get the flawless Dior foundation finish, but just can't afford the bottle. No matter whether you're a full time student or have a full time job, a lot of the makeup products you read about in fashion magazines or other advertisements can be a little too much for your wallet. So today I'm sharing my makeup cheats:

I absolutely adore MAC lipstick. I got a free nude shade as a party favor once and just about cried when I ran out. You can get your favorite shade for less at your local drugstore! Just look carefully at the color when you run across it, (maybe even snap a pic or write down the identification number) and take it with you when you grocery shop to compare.

This is a dupe for Essie's "Butler Please"//image found here

You guys are already well aware that I usually don't put anything on my nails but Essie. Unfortunately, I had to change my ways when I got to college because a $7 bottle of nail polish can get me a case of water and some microwave meals. My friends have converted me to SinfulColors - $2 at Walmart? Heck yes! Once again, I just compare colors to get the desired look.

Comparison of elf's "All Over Color Stick" to NARS brand. See my Pinterest for more!

My favorite brand right now is Elf. I recently bought an eyelash curler for only $3! Also, their brow color and care products are much cheaper than Benefit or TooFaced, so I've grabbed those also.

Covergirl mascara rules...and I find a lot of coupons for them! Make sure you check your grocery coupons to see if you have some as well.

I hope this helps all the college ladies out there. And listen, there is nothing wrong with going for the designer brands. If you are really looking for something specific, just plan ahead: save up money and make sure you check for sales and deals before buying.

No matter what, ya'll are gorgeous! Oh, and have a fun and safe Halloween.



October 29, 2014

College Couples: Fall Smiles

Every year before our anniversary, Cameron and I have a little photoshoot.

The past 3 years, we have taken pictures right outside our neighborhoods with my sister, Caroline, as our photographer. We have had so much fun each time, and the pictures have turned out gorgeous.

This year, now that we are in Arkansas, we are taking pictures at the iconic building of our university - Old Main. It's such an amazing location on account of the hundreds of gorgeous trees (whose leaves are changing beautifully!) and the old-timey architecture. And of course, the lovely Allie in Arkansas will work her photography magic!

So, I thought I'd share how to pick your outfit colors and styles for a fall photo shoot.

The first year, I did a neutral stripe. I always like keep things comfy and casual, and I would encourage you to do the same for a session like this. It's easier to pose for more shots this way. If you wear stripes this fall, try dressing them up with a statement necklace or a colorful cardigan.

The next year, I chose a maroon top and some sweet gold accents. Maroon is one of my favorite colors for fall. It's flattering with my skin-tone and hair color and easy to dress up with some jewelry. Plus, anything I can wear with my tan riding boots are a fave.

Last year, we didn't get to have our photoshoot, but we snap a couple pictures on our anniversary. I mixed prints that year while sticking to a casual look: stripes with a cheetah scarf. Mixing prints is tricky, but find some inspiration and direction on Pinterest.

This year, I'm all about the navy. The full, pleated dress I found from Target's "Work Study" collection won my heart. (See it here!) I plan on doing a simple statement necklace and possibly a complementary colored cardigan.

I can't wait to share Cameron and I's pictures with you soon! I hope everyone is enjoying fall as much as I am. Have an amazing week!



October 26, 2014

Beauty Sleep

There is nothing I wish more than to drop all my textbooks and study guides and have a luxurious spa day. Wouldn't we all? College has taught me to appreciate the little things and to pamper myself in simple ways when I can. This doesn't mean I put studying off so I can go get a blowout. Rather, I use my down time - in most cases, right before bed - to rejuvenate and refresh.

I have about a 30 minute window in between the time I shut off my laptop and when l to go to bed. Check out my quick-spa tips that you can use, too.

Tea Bags for your bags
-You'll need two tea bags - some green tea or mint tea works best. (I've also seen remedies with coffee grounds, so you may also look into that.) Soak them in cold water for 10 minutes. Apply under your eyes to reduce puffiness. I like to lay down on my yoga mat and listen to some music while I do so.

 Night Cream
-I highly suggest treating yourself to a great night cream. I use one from Mary Kay. This is sort of an all-purpose healer for any dry or cracked skin, and will be especially useful for winter. Apply to lips, hands, heels, elbows, etc.

 Fuzzy socks
-These aren't just for fun. After I apply night cream to my feet, I cover them up with some snuggly spa socks. All the more reason to get yourself a couple pairs!

Petroleum Jelly
-This lifesaver has over 50 uses, but I like to use it on my eyebrows and eyelashes. As you may know, this helps eyebrows stay in place and helps to strengthen and grow your lashes. Who doesn't want their eyebrows (and eyelashes) on "fleek"? :)

-I've bragged about it before, but my eucalyptus body cream is the best. I apply it to my legs, arms, and collarbone area before bed. My senses are so used to smelling this in the evening that as soon as I apply it, my brain tells my body, "It's time to relax and get some sleep".

Pillow Mist
-A great addition to the aromatherapy aspect of the evening is this stress relief pillow mist. Does it work? Well it could just be a mind game, but I do feel relaxed!
Did you know you should wash your pillow cases once a week? Germs can collect on them that aren't very good for your skin, so make sure you take care of that on laundry day.

Things to always remember:
-You need sleep. I know it is hard to schedule yourself a full 6-8 hours, but try! It's amazing how great you feel when you've gone to bed on time - even if you only got to watch one episode of Gilmore Girls instead of three!
-Drink plenty of water. You've heard it more times than you can count, but it is so important. Take a water bottle with you to your classes, and try to fill it up at least 4 times a day. I use my contigo bottle so I can keep track by fluid ounces.
-Wash your face morning and night and try not to touch your fingers to it during the day.

I hope everyone has an amazing week. For more tips for a beautiful you, check out Lea Michele's Brunette Ambition, and be sure to shop the aromatherapy line at Bath and Body Works.



October 24, 2014

CC Reps - Round 2!

I am so excited to announce that I am doing a second round of recruitments for Cristina on Campus representatives! 

If you are interested, 1) copy and paste the following application questions into a word document or PDF. 2) Fill it out and send it to me at cristinaoncampus@gmail.com

I can't wait to hear from you!

Cristina on Campus Representatives
Spring 2015 semester

Interested in becoming a Cristina on Campus rep?
I recruit girls from college campuses all over the country to spread the word about campus style. My representatives receive a t-shirt to wear around their school. I do not require that you have a certain following base or that you have your own blog. I look for readers of Cristina on Campus that are also dorm room girls with designer taste. Let's spread the glam as much as we can!

Fill out the following application questions:
This info is only for my eyes, so don’t worry! Your address is the address that I will send your t-shirt to:

Name (first and last):
Current level of study (ex. freshman, sophomore, grad student, etc.):
Home/Apartment/Dorm Address:
Email address:
Instagram and/or twitter handle (ex.. @cristina96x):
T-Shirt size:

Thanks lovlies! Stay tuned for tshirt pricing and check your emails after applying - I will try to get back to you within 3 days!


October 20, 2014

Fall Break

This break was much needed. I was so happy to see my family and puppy dogs! And I was ecstatic that I got to bring my Utah-native roomie along with me back to Cypress, TX.

Check out Allie's blog here

Saturday night, my parents (who frequently go to Napa on business) had a wine and dine. Allie and I helped pick up the baguettes, clean the living room, and decorate for the event. 

The guests loved the chalkboard decor we used! Here's how we did it:

We bought three small chalk easels and some chalk from Hobby Lobby. The chalk pens we found at Target.

We wrote the name of each wine on the board - first in chalk, and then a coat of the permanent white pen. (They had many different colors if your event or taste called for something more colorful.)

So everyone would be able to tell who's glasses was who's, we got little chalkboard applicaes for the glasses. We placed these at the front entrance along with a chalk pen for people to personalize their beverages. It was also a great way to learn everyone's names! 

Just thought I'd share this with you guys, because as Allie and I pointed out - these DIYs can be used for any occasion! Birthday parties, banquets, meetings...even a wedding! 

Get the look
For my makeup, I did a light smoky eye with the Bobbi Brown "Nude on Nude" palette.

For some champagne glass-ready lips, I applied my new purple lip crayon from Forever 21. (They are only $3! Go grab yourself a fall color.) This NYX stick is very similar and is a bit more high-def.

Allie curled my hair with a flat iron for a little bit of wavy body. Thanks, roomie :)

I wore my newest fall find from Forever 21, a lilac long sleeve that has many other $6 brothers and sisters just waiting for you at your closest shop. (As I mentioned in a previous post, this is one of the colors of fall for 2014...I'm loving it!)

Of course, my trusty Tommy skirt completed this look. I'm thinking of getting another skirt very similar to it, so I don't keep wearing the same thing...oops! So I found that Gap is having a HUGE fall sale (75% off is my favorite number). 

From all of us to you, cheers to the rest of the semester! 



October 12, 2014


Hey ya'll!

I have midterms this week, so all things Cristina on Campus will be instagrammed and tweeted!
I am also known to take Pinterest breaks while I'm studying a lot, so make sure you follow me so we can pin and repin.

The photos below are from my three favorite places for working girl goodies! Heart and ArrowBando, and Design Darling.




Send your #oncampusstudytips to me at cristinaoncampus@gmail.com or snap a picture using the hashtag.

Kick butt this week!



October 10, 2014

10 Ways To Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Not only is October a great month with beautiful fall weather - we also get to draw attention to a very important case and cause. Breast cancer awareness is truly a special thing to take part in. Many women are fighting this battle as we all remember those who have lost it. This month, we all don our favorite pink accessories and celebrate the women who fought hard and those who are continuing to fight.

1. Smooch cancer goodbye
-Pink lips are always in, ladies. It's also a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit. Try NYC's Cityproof intense lip color.

2. Spread a little pink wherever you go
-A sorority on my campus handed out adorable little breast cancer ribbon pins. I think this is a great way for organizations or clubs to spread awareness

3. Sweet and pink
-Raise money for your dearest breast cancer foundation, women's center, or personal event with a pink bake sale! Raspberry fruit tarts, pink confetti cupcakes, and adorable pink cake pops are just a few yummy ideas of what you can make and sell to call attention to this cause.

4. On Wednesdays we wear pink
-Many stores have sales this month inspired by breast cancer awareness. For example, if you walk into Rich Girl Rags wearing pink on Wednesdays, you save 10%.

5. Give yourself a gift
-Hey there strong, beautiful lady! There are some great goodies for breast cancer awareness month at local boutiques, makeup counters, and even some yummy sweet spots.

6. Strut your pink pride
-There are tons of opportunities to join in on a breast cancer walk/run this month. Sign up with your gal pals and save the ta-tas!

7. Write a handwritten note to another lover of pink
-This idea is especially desirable for someone who has a relative/friend that is battling breast cancer or someone who is a fighter themselves. Write them a little pick-me-up or just a simple I'm-thinking-about-you with some adorable pink stationary.

8. Pink on-the-go
Carry the cause with you.

9. Bundle up in pink
-I know in October we start to crawl in our sweatpants and cable knits, but try adding a little brightness to your wardrobe with some festive pink pieces.

10. Tell the greatest girls in your life how special they are
-No matter what the month, we should always have this much support and love for the ladies around us. Call your mom, hang out with your sister, surprise your boss with coffee, and give everyone a beautiful pink-lipped smile!

Wishing all ladies joy and strength...



October 8, 2014

College Couples Week 4: Inexpensive Date Ideas

You don't necessarily have to be in college to want to save money. Going out to eat or going to see a movie every week with your significant other can really add up. Try some inexpensive dates to save money for a fancy one every now and then (because I know us girls love getting all dolled up to go out).

1. Pumpkin carving

picture from HerCampus - Go read what they have to say on fall date ideas! 

-Pick up some pumpkins at your local grocery store (or wherever you can find the best prices). Carving/decorating pumpkins is a complete DIY project. You can even print stencils on the internet. Cameron and I did this last year and had so much fun.

2. Go to a free park/museum

-You wouldn't believe how many awesome places like this exist. It's especially great to go off campus for a bit. This Saturday, as I posted about earlier on the blog, we went to Devil's Den in West Fork, Arkansas. It was completely free and absolutely beautiful!

3. Netflix night

-Have you seen the latest season of New Girl on Netflix?! Also, if you can make a fort like this one I found on Pinterest, go for it!

4. Play with the dogs at your local animal shelter

-This is hands-down my favorite. Look up the nearest animal shelter to you and see if they need volunteers for anything. Here in Fayetteville, the animal shelter has training sessions every other Thursday for kids to volunteer. Cameron and I went yesterday and got to throw a ball around with Major. Isn't he cute?!

5. Dining-hall date
(how cute is this old diner date pic?!)

-This is a total college move, but I really mean it in all seriousness. Set aside time to go eat dinner together. Yes it's the dining hall and yes it's cafeteria food, but all that matters is you're with each other. (And our dining hall here has the best chocolate chip cookies!)
-If you're long distance, Skype each other while you both eat some ramen! You gotta do what you gotta do.

I hope ya'll find this helpful! Remember to send me any questions on my Ask account.



October 6, 2014

All The Best for the Best Season

Happy fall, ya'll!

This is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but ultimately I just adore fall fashion! Scarves, sweaters, jeans, boots...the works. I know ya'll may have seen my Fall Lookbook which gave you a peek at some of the things I'll be blogging about today. So here we go: these are my fall fashion must-haves and some of my autumn finds!

A puffer vest. JCrew is always the bomb, but I actually found both of mine at thrift stores!

A statement coat//check JcPenney, I got my army green cargo there.

A fall lip color//Forever 21 has great prices on similar products 

Pixie pants//I just bought black and white polka dot ones from Old Navy and I'm in love!

A plaid scarf//Rich Girl Rags has a gorgeous Burberry-inspired number.

A simple silhouette (I love my new navy dress from Target I recently put on Instagram)

And now for a #CristinaonCampustip: For a little more spending money, sell used/unwanted/outgrown clothes to local resale shops or Plato's closet. After I collected all these lovely items above, I drove straight to Daisy Exchange and sold some summer items I wasn't wearing anymore.

Also, I just thought I'd share the Pantone-declared color palette for this season. I pin all sorts of fun fall stuff so be sure to follow me!

Tis the season to look fabulous.