October 20, 2014

Fall Break

This break was much needed. I was so happy to see my family and puppy dogs! And I was ecstatic that I got to bring my Utah-native roomie along with me back to Cypress, TX.

Check out Allie's blog here

Saturday night, my parents (who frequently go to Napa on business) had a wine and dine. Allie and I helped pick up the baguettes, clean the living room, and decorate for the event. 

The guests loved the chalkboard decor we used! Here's how we did it:

We bought three small chalk easels and some chalk from Hobby Lobby. The chalk pens we found at Target.

We wrote the name of each wine on the board - first in chalk, and then a coat of the permanent white pen. (They had many different colors if your event or taste called for something more colorful.)

So everyone would be able to tell who's glasses was who's, we got little chalkboard applicaes for the glasses. We placed these at the front entrance along with a chalk pen for people to personalize their beverages. It was also a great way to learn everyone's names! 

Just thought I'd share this with you guys, because as Allie and I pointed out - these DIYs can be used for any occasion! Birthday parties, banquets, meetings...even a wedding! 

Get the look
For my makeup, I did a light smoky eye with the Bobbi Brown "Nude on Nude" palette.

For some champagne glass-ready lips, I applied my new purple lip crayon from Forever 21. (They are only $3! Go grab yourself a fall color.) This NYX stick is very similar and is a bit more high-def.

Allie curled my hair with a flat iron for a little bit of wavy body. Thanks, roomie :)

I wore my newest fall find from Forever 21, a lilac long sleeve that has many other $6 brothers and sisters just waiting for you at your closest shop. (As I mentioned in a previous post, this is one of the colors of fall for 2014...I'm loving it!)

Of course, my trusty Tommy skirt completed this look. I'm thinking of getting another skirt very similar to it, so I don't keep wearing the same thing...oops! So I found that Gap is having a HUGE fall sale (75% off is my favorite number). 

From all of us to you, cheers to the rest of the semester! 



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