Interested in becoming a Cristina on Campus rep?
I love to have help from college girls all over the country on my posts. Once a month, I'll send an email out with a request for collaboration on a post (usually something college life-themed) and you can reply with your piece of advice for Cristina on Campus readers! 

If interested, please contact me at

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  1. :) I birthed COC! How do I get a tshirt? I know my baby girl is not only fashionable she is beautiful inside and out. She is extremely intelligent. If there was a way to make a lot of money she would become a famous writer of books, novels and/or magazine articles one day. I am proud of her no matter what she choices to do. However she is not just a blogger she is a talented writer!
    So I can't advertise that on a campus in college but I sure know I would love to be a rep here in Cypress, Texas and all the places her momma travels here. I talk about both my girls all the time because I am a mom first, a nurse second and then an individual third.
    So I am a lousy writer I know that but do I get a tshirt???
    I wear an adult small to medium....LOL