March 30, 2015

My Rocksbox

Hey ya'll! 

I apologize for the delay in this post. I brought my camera on my spring break trip with me, so that I could capture some styled snapshots of my Rocksbox pieces. Sadly, I opened my camera bag to reveal a broken lens piece. I'm hoping to take my camera in to get fixed this week, and I'm sorry that I couldn't show these pieces on and with my outfits. 

I will say that I am loving this Rocksbox experience. I have the option to refresh my items as often as I want, so I've decided to send back all three pieces for three new ones! You can always buy a piece you're particularly fond of, or you can even purchase all of them for your collection. Find out more on

Here's what I got in my Rocksbox:
(sorry for the iPhone pictures...I miss my camera!)

House of Harlow 1960 Howl Cuff in Ivory

SLATE Marble Triangle Studs

Perry Street Mindy Necklace 

Good news! Rocksbox has so graciously offered to extend my deal for an additional month - yay! So, this month, if you order your Rocksbox using the code "cristinaoncampusxoxo" it will be free :) 



March 18, 2015

How To Squeeze in a Workout

With my schedule, the best time for me to go to the gym is between 1 and 4. Really weird timing, right? No part of me wants to wake up at 6 a.m. and workout before my classes, and in the evening my motivation levels take a serious drop. I honestly love going to the gym. As odd as it may sound, it's my favorite part of my day. For me, exercising is how I unwind and relieve any stress. If you're going to do a midday workout, follow these steps, so you can go get in a great workout then head off to meetings, class, or study dates!

I usually take a quick shower with my hair tied back, and then I spray some of this Oahu Coconut Sunset body spray from Bath and Body Works. I always stock up on a fresh and clean scent because they are perfect for a quick after-the-gym shower before taking on the rest of the day.

I lay out my workout clothes and my clothes for after my workout, so I don't waste any time in my room when I have errands to run or a study sesh to get to.

I touch up my foundation on my T-zone and occasionally add more mascara. I know it's not great to workout in your makeup, but hey - you gotta do what you gotta do! If you have a meeting before your workout, chances are you'll have to go to the gym in your face - oh well. I use the Tarte Amazonian clay powder for my foundation.

I blow out my roots and all the little baby hairs that can get messy after a workout. If I don't shower and wash my hair that day (because I don't every day), I'll use some dry shampoo. Try some no-heat, easy hairstyles like a braid or a messy bun after the gym.

After weights, my hands are all raw and gross. EOS hand lotion to the rescue. 

If you feel drained and gross after a workout, chances are you haven't hydrated enough! Try to drink a large bottle of water or two right after you finish working out so you don't feel a crash. 

Enjoy the rest of your week! 



March 16, 2015

Rocksbox FAQ

Hey ya'll! 

Thanks so much to those that have used my code to receive their first month of Rocksbox free! I can not wait to see what you get. I'm thinking mine is going to get here to campus while I'm away on spring break (wahhh), but I will post pictures of what I get when I open it.

I've gotten two main questions when it comes to Rocksbox, so I thought I'd answer them via blog post for anyone who is wondering. I belong to an online style blogger society, and I asked some fellow members about their experience with the company. They've allowed me to share their posts with you, so that you can get a couple more opinions and learn some more about it.

Bri at Nuetral to Neon just did a post on Rocksbox! She explains how the system works to a T.

I loved Ada Advic's post on her blog about her experience with the company. 

Brenda Kelly shared her thoughts here on A La Page Style. 

When you order your Rocksbox, be sure to use the code cristinaoncampusxoxo for your first month free.

Happy shopping!



March 14, 2015

Boost Your Metabolism From Your Room

There isn't a way to get fit over night or be bikini ready in a week. However, there are some measures you can take throughout your day to lead a healthier lifestyle. One thing I like to do is sip on some metabolism water to kick start my metabolism for the day while hydrating myself at the same time. I discovered this trick two years ago before I went to my first prom. Once I got to college, I thought I'd have to set aside the recipe for when I was at home because having a mini fridge and a meal plan doesn't always allow for healthy concoctions. Thankfully, I was wrong, and I figured out how I can make it from my dorm room! Although, no matter where you live or work, this recipe is simple and quick - the perfect way to start prepping for that bikini or striving to live healthier.

What you'll need:

*1-3 apples
*a large water bottle or an inexpensive pitcher (whatever will fit in your fridge)
*ground cinnamon

I washed out a 1 liter water bottle for my mixture, so that I could fit it in my mini fridge. I cut the top section off to squeeze it in.

Start by slicing up your apple(s). For the liter bottle I only put in one apple, but with a bigger pitcher you should use 2 or 3 depending on the size of the apples you get.

Once you've prepared the apple slices, add them into your bottle and add water.

Next, mix in a generous couple dashes of cinnamon.

Note: you can also add apple cider vinegar or ginger, but I like to prepare mine this way because it's the tastiest and the easiest to make.

Let this sit in your fridge overnight. I made mine during a study break around 4 in the afternoon and had it around 7 in the morning the next day. My liter bottle will give me two whole servings.

That's it for that! Let me know what you think.



March 13, 2015

Rocksbox It Girl

Hello gorgeous! 

I have a question for you...

How do you feel about designer jewelry delivered straight to your doorstop for FREE? 

*cue happy dance*

Subscribe to become a Shine Insider with Rocksbox! Click on the link to head to their site and take a style assessment. You'll be asked questions on your every day outfits, what metal type you prefer, and what you like to wear best. All of this information plus your order is sent off and a Rocksbox is created just for you!

You can try, buy, and cancel the subscription at any time.

Visit the site for more info, or email me at for the 411.

Drumroll please :)

I am an It Girl Influencer with Rocksbox so that means you can get your first month FREE with the code cristinaoncampusxoxo

I am soooo incredibly honored to have this position, and I am so pleased I can bring ya'll something shiny and new - literally! Once again, shoot me an email if you have any questions, but girl, do not hesitate to go pick out some Kendra's or a cute bangle!

I will post some pics of my Rocksbox when it comes in...can't wait! Have a wonderful weekend.



Spring Break Essentials: Ask The Reps

For this post, my reps shared their spring break essentials with me!
I am the worst at packing, but I'm sure if I remember these key items, I'll have a blast. (Well I probably shouldn't forget my toothbrush or my charger, but you know...)

Spring break essentials:

"A good book. I recommend 'Yes, Please' by Amy Poehler."
Caroline, Cy Fair High School

"My iPad in my Kate Spade cover."
Kylie, Midwestern State University (pray for Kylie on her cancer treatments over the break! #KylieStrong)

"My hammock has been one of the best purchases I made during the Black Friday sales. I love using it when I want to spend some time relaxing while enjoying the weather. I'll definitely be using it a few days over the break."
Clarisa, University of Arkansas

"OPI's Cajun Shrimp nail polish to make my toes pop, JCrew flip flops to show them off (I love the patterns and looks of JCrew's), a bunch of hair ties to make sure I can keep my hair out of what I'm doing (I need extra because I'm always losing them) and Pond's cold cream to keep my face refreshed!"
Anders, Ole Miss

"My craft bin and wood palettes. I plan on doing DIY stuff for our place next year! Hopefully a mug wall piece!"
Megan, University of Arkansas, future roomie

"Jandals or a cute pair of wedges for going out, smoothies (strawberry banana or peach mango) and Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult."
Cole, University of Arkansas, future roomie #2

Personally, I can't wait to use the new Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue tinted hydrating gel. I love a tinted moisturizer when it gets warmer out. It's imperative that you use sunscreen daily to protect your skin, so I love that this product has me covered on my face.

Thanks ya'll!



March 11, 2015

Counting Your Macros: Eating Healthy in College

I don't diet, but I do try to eat healthy! I get up for early classes, sit in plenty of lectures, go to a couple meetings a week, and run a blog on the side, so I have to be at my best. If I treat my body like a garbage disposal, I can't give 100% and I feel yucky when going throughout my day. I make the daily promise to myself to provide the fuel my body needs to keep going strong. It seems like something you can blow off until summer because it's a little tricky to be "healthy" or "fit" when you're living the campus life. Don't settle! Try this:

Still trying to perfectly hit my macros as you can see, but this is what my app looks like! 

Counting macros has really helped me to be a healthier version of myself. It can be tricky without a full kitchen and a Trader Joe's around the corner, so I thought I'd share how I do it. Lately, I've heard a lot of people wanting to shape up for spring break and summer. Having salad after salad or restricting yourself is not the way to go. 80% of your journey to be healthier depends on what you eat, so that is step 1! Food is fuel! Try flexible dieting or counting your macros.

I use the MyFitnessPal app to count my macros. Macros are your carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. You have a little pie chart and list to show how much of each you should intake for the day. It's like a game - you try to hit your goal and keep everything balanced. 

The best part about flexible dieting is that you can virtually eat whatever you want if it fits within you macros. This doesn't mean you should eat a doughnut every day because you can fit it, but if you're really craving Chickfila after a long week, you can definitely treat yourself. 

So next I wanted to share a list of what I stock up on that is macro-friendly! I do eat at the dining hall during the week and I do make the occasional trip to my favorite coffee shops or Chipotle. I know some of these foods may not sound super yummy, but I happen to love veggies and have a weird obsession with gluten and dairy free finds.

Baby Spinach
Greek Yogurt (Dannon Light & Fit)
Unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Organic berries
Sliced turkey breast
Gluten free Van's cereal
Tuna in water
Quaker rice cakes
Thomas bagel thins

Over the summer, my grocery list is a lot different because I have an oven and a microwave. I eat lots of egg scrambles with veggies for breakfast, turkey bacon, salmon, and microwaveable veggies. Next year, since I'll be living in a house, I will keep the blog updated with some of my easy, macro-friendly recipes. Stick around!

I wish I could personally sit down with my readers and talk more about macros and just how to get healthy, but since I can't, I will point you to my favorite sources for healthy meals and inspiration:

Marissa Lace on Youtube and her fitness IG: @mlacetonesup

Please note that I am not telling you to be super strict and obsess over every little thing you put in your body. I love counting my macros because it is the easiest (and healthiest) way for me to make sure I am getting what I need each day. You can lose weight with this method if you begin to eat more nutrient-filled foods, but the goal of this isn't to try to be super thin or anything like that. I am also not a personal trainer or a professional, I just happen to have a passion for life and all things in it - food and health included! But you can take my word for it - this works and is really easy for me to do on campus.

 Although I am not Jillian Michaels, I have learned a lot through my own personal health journey and would love to chat with you if you have any questions! I regularly check my email - or you can message me on Twitter or Instagram, both handles are @cristina96x

Have an amazing rest of your week (or spring break) gorgeous! 



March 5, 2015

National Nutrition Month: Campus Edition

I could go on and on about nutrition considering it's something I have a passion for, but that doesn't sound like the most fun post for the blog. So, as the bulletin board in my hall informed me, it is National Nutrition Month - weeee! 

I know this isn't a huge deal, but I thought I'd take the time to jump aboard the "healthy on campus" wagon and share my fastest tips to eating healthy...especially since I have come to realize it is one of the hardest things you'll do all year. 

So, just try your hand (or mouth I guess?) at these quick tips and feel the difference. I cannot wait until I'm in my house next year, so I can share some easy and healthy recipes, but for now, I'm all about that meal plan life. 

1. Load up on veggies
-When in doubt, get the veggies. The dining hall may be lacking in the yummy department, but they do tend to have a pretty good supply of vegetables. I hope you can say the same for your campus, and if not, write a strongly worded letter or lay down in front of the dish dispenser with a clever sign or something. Your veggies should take up more of your plate than anything else. 

2. White meat over dark/red
-I actually haven't eaten red meat for about six years now. (Backstory: When the book, "The Last Song" came out, I wanted to be just like Roni and be a vegetarian. My parents were worried for my health, so they said I could just eliminate red meat. I call myself an almost-vegetarian, and I also allow myself to eat bacon if I can't find turkey bacon.) Anyways, try having the chicken breast over the hamburger patty. 

3. Make sure you get some fruit in there, too 
-Especially super fruits like blueberries, bananas, and grapefruits, for these carry beneficial antioxidants and fibers. Since fruit tends to be heavy on sugar, I'll consider it my dessert and be wise with my serving. 

4. As always, WATER
-I think about the rule we used to have at my summer camp: two glasses of water before juice. I always have water with my meal - not because I'm a health freak and feel like shunning other beverages but because it's the easiest way to make sure I get enough water in my day. If I've had a glass or two with lunch and dinner, I know I'm keeping well hydrated. Try it! 

5. DO make sure you eat enough
-Sometimes I get a little bent out of shape that my dining hall doesn't have the best options, so I don't eat enough and I'm hungry within an hour. I developed a solution: I keep food in my room to have if the dining hall doesn't pull through. Let's say I go in for lunch one day and all I can find to eat is some veggies. Since this isn't enough, I keep tuna cups in my room. If tuna isn't your thing you could keep some microwavable grilled chicken or even turkey sausage back at your dorm.

6. Don't restrict yourself
-Eating healthy isn't dieting and eating healthy isn't restricting yourself. Nourish your body with what it needs to work properly and stay balanced. You can totally have that cookie on those days where the bake them just right. It's all about balance! 

I hope these tips help. If you'd like more information on National Nutrition Month visit to find out more. 



March 3, 2015

Your Uniform

It's time to get real.

Lately, I have realized how serious the blog world is. Women around the country make this their 24/7, their job. I truly admire that; I think it is beautiful to have your passion become your work or just to simply love something enough that you put so much of yourself into it. I am first and foremost a student. I love my school and my friends I've made here, and I am perfectly happy with eating some Chipotle and watching a lot of Netflix. For right now, that is. I have some big dreams after graduation and such. I can't broadcast "what I'm wearing now" as a pair of Valentino's and the latest, hottest collection of pantsuits. I'm wearing my mom's old sweats and a t-shirt that the stupid dorm dryers shrunk right now. So all of this being said, I really want to strive to share real college girl lifestyle and fashion. To kick off this new leaf, I'm sharing with you my true uniform.

I read in an article that every woman should find their uniform. If that's a pair of old sweatpants and a tshirt - so be it! Realistically, we do not have Carrie Bradshaw's closet and we are all guilty of being outfit repeat-ers. That's ok. In fact, the fashion world tells us we are doing something right. So what is it that you're wearing on repeat right now? What do you feel confident in? Your go-to?

And if you find a look you love, work with me here and let's find different versions of that look. This way you're not outfit repeating, you're simply putting on your uniform to take on your day. I believe in comfort and confidence and if a wrap dress doesn't do that for you, that's a-ok.

Right now I am falling in love all over again with white tshirts. I've looked up a few favorites that I plan on pairing with simple jewelry and relaxed outerwear. For me, this is something that can go to class, to errands, and to dinner in.

Stripey Playsuit - SABO SKIRT

Now one of the things I actually do that I would consider "grown up" is compulsively checking my email, so please let me know what you would like to see on the blog by chatting with me at For real, if you really think I should post about white and gold or blue or black, I can try my best. Thanks ya'll! 



P.S. What do we think of playsuits? Or matching your top to your bottoms? The look hit a lot of runways this season while designers used complex jackets or textured accessories to bring together the look. Looks comfy and kind of daring to me!

National Pancake Day

Just dropping in real quick to celebrate. 

Seeing as it is National Pancake Day, I thought now would be a great time to share with you my favorite recipe for egg and banana pancakes that I tweeted about over the weekend. These may not come free at IHOP today, but they are gluten-free and dairy-free! Some people may not be as excited as I am about them, but hey, to each his (or her) own. 

I plan to make these a lot next year, so I would definitely call them the perfect breakfast or snack if you're a college kiddo. 

I followed Blogilates' recipe to make mine, and they came out delicious! Watch it here.

One mashed up banana whipped up with two eggs, poured to pancake perfection, and a little bit of cinnamon for added sweetness. No syrup needed and tastebuds satisfied! 

I hope all you readers have a great day and some yummy pancakes.