March 18, 2015

How To Squeeze in a Workout

With my schedule, the best time for me to go to the gym is between 1 and 4. Really weird timing, right? No part of me wants to wake up at 6 a.m. and workout before my classes, and in the evening my motivation levels take a serious drop. I honestly love going to the gym. As odd as it may sound, it's my favorite part of my day. For me, exercising is how I unwind and relieve any stress. If you're going to do a midday workout, follow these steps, so you can go get in a great workout then head off to meetings, class, or study dates!

I usually take a quick shower with my hair tied back, and then I spray some of this Oahu Coconut Sunset body spray from Bath and Body Works. I always stock up on a fresh and clean scent because they are perfect for a quick after-the-gym shower before taking on the rest of the day.

I lay out my workout clothes and my clothes for after my workout, so I don't waste any time in my room when I have errands to run or a study sesh to get to.

I touch up my foundation on my T-zone and occasionally add more mascara. I know it's not great to workout in your makeup, but hey - you gotta do what you gotta do! If you have a meeting before your workout, chances are you'll have to go to the gym in your face - oh well. I use the Tarte Amazonian clay powder for my foundation.

I blow out my roots and all the little baby hairs that can get messy after a workout. If I don't shower and wash my hair that day (because I don't every day), I'll use some dry shampoo. Try some no-heat, easy hairstyles like a braid or a messy bun after the gym.

After weights, my hands are all raw and gross. EOS hand lotion to the rescue. 

If you feel drained and gross after a workout, chances are you haven't hydrated enough! Try to drink a large bottle of water or two right after you finish working out so you don't feel a crash. 

Enjoy the rest of your week! 



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