August 31, 2014

(Fall)ing in Love With Midi Skirts

Hey ya'll!

Midi skirts are "wear" it's at this fall!

Whether you wear them to practice modesty or just for the fun fashion trend, they are a great piece for your fall wardrobe.

I feel like in fall we can loose our cutesy, feminine vibe if we are always in jeans and sweats. Date nights and parties are always hard - you can't always wear your favorite dress. Skirts really work some magic in this department.

On that note, when it gets too chilly for bare legs, stock up on some tights at Forever 21. They are super cheap so you can guiltlessly buy one of every color and style.

Back to these adorable skirts: Since this is a relatively new look to hit the fashion scene, these babies aren't in every boutique near you... yet!

My roommate actually recommended Sister Missionary Mall to me. The skirts are made especially for young women traveling as missionaries who are required to wear long skirts. Even though I'm not headed across the country, (maybe one day!) I checked them out.

I decided to get one solid color and one print for my fall wardrobe, and guess what... 2 for 15 dollars! (In the sale section).

For my Sunday best today, I wore my horse-printed navy skirt paired with a tank top and cardigan I got from Forever 21 a while back. It was relaxed, comfortable, and fun!

Yesterday at the Farmer's Market, I wore my teal one to bring a little color to the rainy day we were having. With a simple black tee, I kept it casual and let the skirt stand out.

What a fun long weekend here on campus. I hope yall's go well, too. 

Be sure to check out my friend's blogs! Kelsey's (far left) is and my roommate/photograher's (Allie is the one holding our gorgeous fresh bouquet for our dorm) is



August 28, 2014

What's in My Bag? School Edition

I hope ya'll find this post helpful as you wrap up your first week of classes. Maybe you've been carrying too much or too little in your book bags or backpacks. You definitely don't want to forget something when you walk into a lecture hall, but you also don't want to be walking around campus with 40 pounds on your back.

So here's a look into how I pack for class:

1. I use a Lilly Pulitzer laptop carrying case for school. I purposely bought it for a bigger laptop than mine so that I have extra room to put other necessities inside.
   --Keep your eye on your nearest Lilly Pulitzer store front (or online - you can sign up to receive    emails) for sales. Right now a lot of back to school products are marked down to make room for their fall collection.

2. Staying organized is most likely on everyone's to do list for this school year.
--My Kate Spade agenda from Swoozies goes with me everywhere.

3. Speaking of my agenda, I use colorful pens to organize my to-dos, homework assignments, and upcoming important dates organized.
--Find your nearest Walmart for the best prices.

4. I found this adorable clutch from Forever 21 for 4 dollars. I'm sure it is meant to put a lip gloss, and some change in, but I use it for my pens and pencils. Tres chic!

4. I am so glad I purchased this May Designs notebook. (They are also having a sale right now!) I got to personalize it in my favorite color with my monogram. I use this one to write down my professors' office hours and e-mail addresses - something very important to have on file.

5. My adorable ID wallet is from Target (only $6!). If you go to the accessories section, you will most likely find a ton of these considering it is so important for a college gal to have. Here you can store cash for those after class smoothies, your student ID, and your keys.

6. My go to lip product is my Color Riche balm. It has SPF 15 to prevent chapped lips, as well as a subtle coral color that is oh-so-cute.

7. I never leave without a hair-tie or two. You never know when your hair will stop cooperating. Or maybe the girl next to you in class asks to borrow one. Who knows? Better safe than sorry.

8. My favorite snack to bring along with me are Nutri-Grain bars - filling and delicious!
--Of course I buy the off-brand. Save money and your wallet (and parents) will thank you.

I have had a great first week so far. My teachers are great and I love being back in the swing of things.

Fun Fact: I'm a Journalism Advertising major.
What about you?

Have a great last couple days of your first week! You can do it!



August 25, 2014

Cristina on Campus' First Day of School

Hey ya'll!

I had a great first day of classes and I hope ya'll did, too. 

Here was my #ootd for today. I guess I'll call it "Business casual and cute"!

My chambray top is Forever 21//skirt is from JCrew//necklace is Charming Charlie//Briefcase is Lilly Pulitzer//planner is Kate Spade bought from ShopBellaC//watch is DKNY//notebook is May Designs

Have a great first week... and second day of school!


August 24, 2014

Transition Colors

Hey ya'll!

Once again, I'm talking about getting your closet ready for fall. What can I say? I'm so excited.

Now some great fall colors are the basics: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Of course, for fall you may go with a deeper shade of these primaries. Perhaps you have a chartreuse leather skirt or a deep cobalt statement necklace.

However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let's shop those end-of-summer sales and get some great transition colors at a great price.

Just reverse the list I've said above: Instead of deeper hues, check for brighter ones such as turquoise, canary red, aquamarine, or a bright pastel. These are colors that will look great in September as the leaves start to change.

Look at my roomie and I's #ootds:

The turquoise and aqua in our dresses really kept us looking like we could be on a beach somewhere, but by pairing it with a navy cardigan or (in Allie's case) a deeper colored statement necklace, we put together a great transition outfit.

Right now, dresses like ours are on sale everywhere! Make sure you snag something cute from:

Shoot the Moon LA
Riff Raff
Shop BellaC

Allie and I have our first day of college tomorrow, so be praying for us - please & thanks!


August 23, 2014

Academic Ashley: Week 3

College life has been crazy, but it's time to sit back, relax, and read this week's Academic Ashley:

I am a monogram-aholic, a monogram advocate, a believer in all things monogrammed. Call my obsession what you want, but I am so glad this three-letter-trend is finally making a come back. Girls all over my college campus are sporting monogrammed backpacks, water bottles, and athletic shorts. Without further ado, I have been inspired by Cristina’s most recent post about her must-have monogram items. My most recent purchases have included these adorable custom notepads and sticky notes in the coveted Spa Blue Let’s Cha Cha Lilly Pulitzer print. I am a compulsive list maker, especially since my classes have started back in full swing! For your daily dose of monograms, I would love a follow from you on Instagram @ashleybp4.

August 21, 2014

Farmer's Market and Friends

Today I got up and got ready to head into town with my roomie and hall-mate to go to the farmers market. I was worth the mile and a half walk (there and back) up the hills and in the heat.

I would recommend wearing light fabric, but I just had to break out my favorite chambray shirt from Forever 21 to go with my coral chinos.

Here are some awesome shots from our little adventure courtesy of my roomie (she's amazing at photography) and some nice people we met along the way:

For a Lilly Pulitzer market bag like mine, check out ShopBellaC! It was great for storing fresh peaches in as we shopped. 



August 20, 2014

Fashion Dictionary

Staple (n): a principal commodity, a basic necessity, a principle item

...In other words - a must have item(s) for your closet. Today I'm talking about a couple staple pieces specifically for fall.

1. A versatile skirt

-Ya'll have seen me wear my navy blue Tommy countless times (proof that I can do so much with it!). It's going to be great for fall because I can wear stockings under it and booties.

2. A neutral feminine blouse

-This one is new to the blog, but my all time favorite from Forever 21. I can layer a blazer or cardigan on top and I have my choice of jeans or a skirt.

3. A "goes-with-everything" handbag

-I just got this clutch yesterday from a thrift shop in town. I love that it makes a statement, but is simple enough to pair with a lot of outfit combinations.



August 19, 2014

Skirts + Stripes...and Sisters

This is one of my favorite outfit combos:

Stripes are so flattering and always in style no matter what the season. While it's still warm, I'm enjoying wearing my favorite skirts. I can dress this look up or down depending on my accessories, and it's also super fun and girly.

So, my college town has great places for picture taking - so excited for more! 

Saying goodbye to my sisters was so hard, but we had a great time as they dropped me off at college.

Wishing everyone the best back to school wishes!



August 18, 2014

Top 5 Things to Monogram for School

You may not be a monogram-oholic like I am, but I think we can agree the trend is pretty cute - and spreading!

Yes there is a such thing as too many monograms, but using them tastefully to dress up your stuff looks great - especially school supplies.

Here are my top 5 things to monogram this school year:
What will you personalize?

1. binder covers

-There are free printables on the internet. Also, you can make it a DIY project and get scrapbook paper from your local crafting store: Paint the monogram, use a sticker, or free hand it with a colored marker.

-This is also a great way to keep your binders/folders organized. I usually do a different Lilly Pulitzer print for each section. I know that's kind of southern-belle-crazy, but hey - organization is organization.

2. Headbands

-Towards the end of the first week, I am tired of styling my hair, so I put a headband in. To avoid looking like I got ready in 5 minutes (even though I did), I like monogrammed headbands for an accessory.
-Mimi's Monograms has lots of colors to choose from for your bad hair days.

3. Fleece jacket

-Once the leaves begin to change, I see loads of fleece jackets. I usually get mine in a neutral color (I have a black one), so adding a colored monogram on the front looks great. Locate your nearest boutique or store that monograms and take in your favorite fall jacket.

-I love all of Alyssa Paige's monogrammed goodies! Check out her blog

4. Backpack or book bag

-Personally, I wish it was elementary school and I could have a Lizzie McGuire backpack. In high school, I knew I would get some stares, but those boring solid backpacks gave me a migraine! Once I discovered monogramming, I quickly took my plain black bag to get monogrammed.

-For my boyfriend's birthday a couple years back, I got his lacrosse jersey number monogrammed on his backpack (in a manly font of course). He still uses it today, and it looks awesome!

-If you'd rather have a tote bag, Swoozies has tons to choose from with monogramming options available.

5. Water bottle or Tervis

-This is probably the most popular one, and I love it. Get monogrammed stickers from blah blah, or check out Marley Lilly.

Tag your pics of your monogrammed gear with the hashtag #campusmonogram.

Hope everyone has a great Monogram Monday!