August 2, 2014

Beautiful Hair on a Budget

Since it is August, I think we should really crack down on the real stuff, ya'll...

How do I get my hair to look like Blake Lively + Lauren Conrad + Beyonce without spending my college savings on salon appointments?

You know me, I keep up with all my fellow bloggers. A lot of those gorgeous southern belles go to beauty bars and get blowouts and treatments - which is totally great for a special occasion or if you want to splurge - but for this college gal, I've got about a 10 dollar budget on this doo.

So here are my hair secrets - tips and tricks for a salon look with a drugstore price:

1. Avoid heat as if it's a pair of orange crocs

I know this is a hard one, ladies, but here's my take on it: Using heat required tools on your hair is like eating a big bowl of ice cream. You shouldn't do it every day, but it's ok to do in moderation.

I make it a point to only use heat on my hair at a maximum of two times a week. Sometimes, I'll even plan ahead. For example, if I know I'm going out some place nice where I'll want to curl my hair, I will wear my hair naturally a couple days prior to give it a break.

Check out my Pinterest "Hair" board for some no-heat hairstyles I like to use!

2. Protect the mane

When you do grab your flat iron, apply heat protectant spray. I recommend Tresemme products because one bottle lasts you a while and is inexpensive. It performs just as well as Paul Mitchell or Chi brands. Make sure to add this to your college packing list!

3. Baseball caps aren't just to cover up bad hair days

Anytime I went tanning this summer, I wore a baseball cap. Laying out in the sun is great to get a tan, but your hair can really take a beating. So here's an excuse to get a cute baseball cap or floppy sunhat. Might I recommend a Marley Lilly hat? They have so many different styles to choose from! And you can never have too many monograms.

4. Leave the stiffness to your favorite blazer, not your hair

With my hair type (it can't decide if it's curly or straight) I usually have to hairspray my hair to have it stay in place. I don't like hairspray that makes your hair feel like a pile of twigs on top of your head (no one wants that, right?). So I use this non-aerosal Dove hairspray that is lightweight and doesn't put a Mr. Freeze charm on my locks.

5. Bored? Home remedies are one of my favorite past times

Here I go again ranting about Pinterest. Sorry ya'll, but honestly that is the best place to find DIY's for  hair treatment. Don't be afraid to try these things. I have put egg yolk in my hair multiple times - no regrets!

6. You know what you should schedule in that new planner you got? Your bi-monthy trims!

I know it's a bother. I'm also aware that it is a back and forth convo on whether cutting your hair does or does not make it grow faster. Either way, getting rid of dead ends is going to make your hair healthier. Trims are fairly inexpensive so feel free to schedule one every two months. If you really trust the girl in your dorm who has a cosmetology license - go for it! Save money and don't freak - it's only a trim!

7. Mean (Green) Fighting Machine

The quickest way to a girl's hair is through her stomach! ...Let me rephrase that a bit: Eating certain foods can really help your hair to have a shiny coat, grow faster, and be all around healthier! Spinach is great for it as well as kale. I know it looks gross, but these Naked Green Machine drinks are actually so yummy! If these aren't your thing, just try adding more greens into your diet! Spinach salads are bomb.

8. My hair icons

For color:

I love how Leighton Meester (aka Blair Waldorf) keeps her hair a rich brown color, but adds in subtle highlights. You can actually highlight your hair with some at home remedies, so brunettes should definitely try this look! I'm certainly thinking about it.

For cut:

My hair is in an in-between stage. I'm growing it out from an angled bob I got about a year ago, but I don't want it to go too far past my shoulders. My BFF Sadie Lee has the cutest medium length cut! I look up to this belle...and her hair is my hair-spiration!

For that healthy thickness and shine:

One of my favorite bloggers, Caitlin Covington of Southern Curls and Pearls has to-die for hair! Check out her blog - she has listed the products she uses to protect her hair and let it shine.

With all these tips, my hair has become thicker, softer, and healthier. Also I think it has grown a lot in a short period of time. This picture is my hair au natural!

Take care lovelies!


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