August 21, 2014

Farmer's Market and Friends

Today I got up and got ready to head into town with my roomie and hall-mate to go to the farmers market. I was worth the mile and a half walk (there and back) up the hills and in the heat.

I would recommend wearing light fabric, but I just had to break out my favorite chambray shirt from Forever 21 to go with my coral chinos.

Here are some awesome shots from our little adventure courtesy of my roomie (she's amazing at photography) and some nice people we met along the way:

For a Lilly Pulitzer market bag like mine, check out ShopBellaC! It was great for storing fresh peaches in as we shopped. 



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  1. This is random, but I think you may go to my school...UA?? We have a farmers market each week and these pictures look familar