August 20, 2014

Fashion Dictionary

Staple (n): a principal commodity, a basic necessity, a principle item

...In other words - a must have item(s) for your closet. Today I'm talking about a couple staple pieces specifically for fall.

1. A versatile skirt

-Ya'll have seen me wear my navy blue Tommy countless times (proof that I can do so much with it!). It's going to be great for fall because I can wear stockings under it and booties.

2. A neutral feminine blouse

-This one is new to the blog, but my all time favorite from Forever 21. I can layer a blazer or cardigan on top and I have my choice of jeans or a skirt.

3. A "goes-with-everything" handbag

-I just got this clutch yesterday from a thrift shop in town. I love that it makes a statement, but is simple enough to pair with a lot of outfit combinations.



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