August 15, 2014

Fall Haul/Lookbook

Welcome to my fall haul! 
I'm showing you my favorite looks with my new fabulous merchandise. Enjoy and feel free to leave questions or comments below or come chat with me on my Twitter or Instagram.

What you'll need:

Long sleeved blouses - Francesca's, Old Navy
Mid-length skirts - Tommy Hilfiger, Shop Monday Dress
Booties - Francesca's, Target
Neutral statement jewelry - Charming Charlie's

What you'll need:

Cardigans - Target
Boots - Urban Og
Jeans - American Eagle
Faux pearls - Charming Charlie
Scarves - Target, Charming Charlie, Kohls, Francesca's

What you'll need:

Big sweaters - Goodwill, Red Dress Boutique
Puffer vests - Goodwill, JCrew

Finishing Touches

For some fabulous headbands, check out The Bow Next Door

For mittens, gloves, and hats, head to your nearest Target

For monogrammed coats, bags, and jewelry go to Personalized From Me To You and Marley Lilly.

And of course, for all your fall fashion tips, I've got you covered right here at Cristina on Campus - rain, sun, or snow! 

Show up in style for that first day, and never let that shine fade! 



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