August 9, 2014

Introducing "Academic Ashley"

Please give a warm southern "hey" to Academic Ashley!

She'll be here on the blog each week to recap her favorite take-aways from Cristina on Campus as well as adding in her own feedback on tips, tricks, and on-campus looks.

Here's Ashley ya'll....

Welcome! If you are new to Cristina on Campus, or even if you’ve been around since the beginning, my name is Ashley.

I'll be a college sophomore in 10 short days. I know the first few weeks of freshmen year are going to drag, especially if you are homesick, but I promise you will soar through the rest of the year with flying colors (especially with CC's tips) I am excited to talk to ya'll! 

This week I enjoyed reading Cristina’s “5 Ways to De-Stress” post which reminded me how easy it is to get wrapped up and forget to breathe during the school year. My favorite soundtrack right now is from Begin Again and my guilt-free snacks include Gingerale in my favorite Tervis tumbler and Ritz Bits crackers with cheddar cheese. 

Happy reading! -Ashley

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