August 1, 2014


Finally a post on some DIY dorm room crafts!

I've really been dragging my feet because, to be quite honest, I am not the DIY Queen - I'm much more of a buy-it-from-etsy girl... you get the picture. It's not that I don't love saving money (you know I do) and making cute crafts - it's just the hassle. There's usually a lot of clean-up involved and you need to purchase a lot of materials which usually makes a DIY cost almost as much as buying the actual thing.

Not this time! Here's how I made some cute artwork for the dorm - for cheap!

So my accent colors for my dorm are white and gold.
>>Cristina on Campus tip #1813 - use white and/or gold picture frames to brighten up your room and make it appear bigger.


// I got gold frames from (drumroll, please...) the Dollar Store! I know, I know...super cheap so there is a chance they might break or crack. So what?! If they do, I'll just take some pocket change with me to my nearest Dollar Tree and get another one.

// Instead of the typical black on white canvas, I got gold Sharpies to write with from Hobby Lobby (the fine tips come in packs of two)

// Also at Hobby Lobby, I got some white pieces of card stock (it's important to use that rather than paper because it isn't as flimsy and will hold well in a picture frame)

//All I needed at home was a pair of scissors and some good lighting!

**Note: The Audrey canvas I had already purchased. I got it off of Amazon, so I know they have loads as well as Etsy if you're looking for one.

The Audrey canvas:

I filled in the white space with my favorite Kate Spade quote using the gold sharpie. I love doing different types of calligraphy, and the best place to find examples is Pinterest. Head there before you start! And they also have tons of cute quotes that may inspire you! Follow me on Pinterest for ideas as well. (@cristina96x)

Bible verse canvas:

I took one of my favorite scripture verses and did the same to this card stock! Isn't it darling?!

**Note: Like how I added my monogram in the corner? I found out how to write my monogram using Pinterest fonts once again!

Lipstick art:

So I've seen a lot of actual artwork like this that you can purchase online, but once again I was really driven to an easy DIY method. I had my little sister paint the lips with 3 of my favorite nail polishes to look like the canvas had actually been smooched. Didn't she do a great job?! I love it so much.

If you end up finding some inspiration from this post and choose to Instagram your own creations, be sure to use the hashtag #oncampusspace.


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