August 1, 2014

July Favorites

It's hard to accept the fact that my summer is over in 2 short weeks, but I am definitely excited/nervous for all that is in store for August!

I've got my campus move in, the start of classes, a new state, and my favorite... Fall clothes! 

With all that said, here are my July favorites:

1. Clothes:

-My favorite collection to shop this month was Rich Girl Rags' "American Honey". They had everything I needed from Fourth of July outfits to comfy Lauren James tanks and tees for July's high temps. 

Get a move on and shop their new arrivals for fall! Be sure to use Rocking My Tiara's discount code for 10% off at checkout! The code is in her twitter bio.

2. Beauty products: 

-With all the heat my hair endured this month, my biotin shampoo was my best friend. My hair stayed thick and full through all the curling, straightening, and pool days. 

-Revlon color stay lipstick pulled through, ya'll. I loved a nice coral or berry lip this summer, and with this product, I never had to reapply. Plus it stayed on with gloss over it & also didn't leave pink remnants on my Diet Coke cans.

-BB Cream is something I'll be sticking to even though July is over. I'm amazed at how much coverage it gives me while still remaining lightweight on my face. Plus sunscreen on your face is good year-round to keep skin from drying out.

-Essie Polish: it's no secret I love these. I recently stumbled across a quote saying "Your nails are jewels not tools". Truth! Your nails are always a great accessory, so painting them in one of Essie's amazing shades was a must god me. My favorites this month were "enuf is enuf" and "sittin' pretty". I can't wait for the fall collection!

3. App: 

-Where has Retail-Me-Not been all my life?! They have coupons daily from all my favorite places! Check them out; the app is free and super user friendly. 

4. Staying Hydrated: 

-My Lilly Pulitzer Drink Hugger from Shop Bella C dressed up my Diet Cokes and were easy to store in my beach bag. 

-Cucumber and lemon water was my favorite way to hydrate in the heat... Try it!

Here's to new beginnings! Good luck to everyone heading back to campus or heading there for the first time! I can't wait to share with you guys every step of the way.


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