September 30, 2014

I Woke Up Like This

It's not just a Beyonce song, it's my Tuesday morning!

I've been slackin' in fashion lately. I have all 8am classes. Now, there is nothing wrong with rolling out of bed, putting on a tshirt, and not bothering to put in your contacts. However, I have personally noticed that when I put a little prep in my step, I am more productive throughout the day.

See, if I'm in a big slouchy t-shirt, I am 10x as more tempted to crawl back in bed after class instead of getting some errands done or doing some studying. So today, I gave it the old college try.

Here's my 15 minute look for today...

American Eagle jeggings are heaven! Check out what they have on sale now.
Headbands are my effortless accessories. No brush, hairspray, or poppy pins needed for this look! 

By no means am I embarrassed to say that this plain gray tee is from Walmart. It's just your average cotton blend, and it is perfect for layering with your favorite jackets and/or scarves this fall!

This blingy watch added a little something extra. And so did my turquoise bracelet from the nicest owner of the greatest new shop, Shoot The Moon LA!

Put a little prep in your step!



September 29, 2014


It's the most wonderful time of the year.

To be honest, I didn't even know national coffee day existed until I saw an article on it about a week ago. Nonetheless, I'm celebrating!

I am a regular at the Starbucks on campus, but it does get kind of pricy (especially once I run out of my student flex dollars). Here are my top three drinks for less the price and less the calories:

These are the three cutest travel mugs! 


(From top to bottom: ShopBando, Kate Spade, Shorline Boutique)

Well, I gotta get a refill!



September 27, 2014

Recent Happenings

Hi lovely campus ladies!

My fellow blogger, Kelsey from "With The Strive", came running in my room on Friday to scold me for not putting up my Wednesday's couple segment! Apparently, it's Kelsey's favorite, and I cannot disappoint.

Sooo...Wednesday I will be giving you the biggest and best couple segment yet. An interview with the one and only Cameron (aka my boyfriend) aaaaand an #ootd that he picked out for me! (Major brownie points, am I right ladies?)

I haven't had a lot of time with exam week to blog to ya'll, so here's the latest scoop from Cristina on Campus:

1) I got A's on all my exams this week (Journalism, American National Government, World Literature, and Music Lecture). My secret is Quizlet. Also, when you study, give yourself 10 min pinterest/twitter/instagram breaks every 2 hours! Make sure you're following me so we can chat, repin, and "like" photos!

2) For my week of workouts, I did two days of circuit training at the fitness center. Here's my standard 45 min workout - great for when you need a break from those textbooks!

Cardio: 15 minute elliptical machine at a high intensity (steep incline, fast pace)
Legs: 10 minutes - leg press, calve raises, adductor, abductor
Arms: 10 minutes - biceps, triceps, pectorals, and a little bit of back
Abs: 30 slow cruches, 20 russian twists, 20 jackknives, 30 second plank (repeat 3 times)

If you have some extra time, do a 5 minute cool down stretch followed by a "walk it out" on the treadmill

3) I decided to go home this weekend for my sister, Caroline's, sweet 16! During my 9-hour road trip, I listened to a lot of good jams. Here's my top 5:

1. Okey by Marching Band
2. Don't by Ed Sheeran
3. Change Your Mind by The Killers
4. Overboard by Ingrid Michaleson
5. lots of Mumford and Sons!

Have a great weekend everyone!



September 23, 2014

Nailpolish 101

Hi guys!

Tomorrow is my LAST exam for the week. THANK GOODNESS. I am going insane sitting in my room for hours on end studying flashcards, eating canned green beans, and...studying flashcards! 

If ya'll aren't familiar with Quizlet, get on it. It's the bomb - especially if you get the app. You can study flashcards and quiz yourself while on the treadmill or eating lunch with your friends.

I needed a mental break. First things first, I opened my window because it is GORGEOUS outside, and this fall weather is perfect! (Low of 45, high of 75...yes!) Then I painted my nails. I'm pretty sure I do better on a test when my mani is on point. Either way they look super cute!

I used "Rain Storm" by Sinful Colors (these are $1.98 at Walmart!) for the blue and "Lovely Lilac" by Sally Hansen XTreme (these are hard to chip!) for this look.

To do the nail art, I just dipped the end of a bobby pin in the paint and free-handed some doodles.

Well I was just dropping in to say hi, but now I have to get back to studying.



P.S. My roomie and I would really appreciate it if someone brought us some pizza. Thanks.

September 22, 2014

A Week of Workouts

I would consider working out a hobby of mine. Ever since I was little, I always had some sort of activity after school to drain me of all that cooped-up energy. I danced for fifteen years and also did a bit of gymnastics. When I got to be a senior in high school, I didn't have the time to belong solely to one activity. I decided to start going to the gym and also some walk-in exercising classes nearby.

So I'll start off by saying that a gym membership is one of the best presents you can give yourself.  Look for one that is within budget but also gives you a lot to choose from. Back home I would just go to the fitness club in my neighborhood, but attend barre and yoga classes outside of that. If you think you'd be interested in trying barre, check to see if there is a Pure Barre near you. It's my favorite!

At college, I have access to two student fitness centers. College campus gals, if you have one - use it! It's free, it's always there, and it's a good distraction from all that busy work. I go to mine 4 times a week, but even going once or twice will make you feel good.

So here's a look into my Monday work out:

Monday I go to Turbokick. It is a high intensity kick boxing class. Prior to this, I had never done kickboxing, but you don't have to be a pro at anything to try it. It turned out to be relatively simple and easy to pick up, the hard part is giving 110% for all 50 minutes of's tiring! However, I love it because the high intensity aerobic state your body is put in makes for 18 hours of a faster metabolism. So I definitely feel good afterward!

Also, my instructor plays Taylor Swift's "Shake" when we do it is the bomb!

September 21, 2014

Get Casual For Gameday

Hi ya'll!

This school week was exhausting! I'm very excited to chill for the weekend (and study....groan) and watch some college football.

I was feelin' a little inspired by my outfit last night, so I thought I'd share and show you guys how to get glammed-up for the game without all the hassle.

Start off by thinking of the weather: Chance of rain? Cool front? Here, it's about 85 and there's a slight chance of rain.

So, I got my skirt at Forever 21 at an end of summer blow out sale for only $6!

Now to the "comfy" factor: I wanted nothing more than to stay in a t-shirt, so why the heck not?! I took a school-spirit tee and tucked it in.

To add a little spoonful of darling, I added my favorite gold dangles from Francesca's and some arm candy from Sassy Riley.

My lovely and talented roomie, Allie, gave me some loose curls with her straightener.

(oh yeah, it was a parent's weekend!)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



September 17, 2014

College Couples: Week 1

Hi! Ok, I am so excited to have gotten so many question from you guys! This segment really is fun. A little disclaimer though - I don't know everything about relationships (of course not), but I am happy to give my two cents in an area that is near and dear to my heart.

Without further to-do, I am addressing my top three questions I was asked:

1. How do you keep your relationship Christ centered?
It all begins and ends in Him, right? So pray continuously. . There is only one person who knows what and who is right for you, and you have to keep Him in focus. And remember, the best date (at no cost!!) is church!

2. What is something I can send my boyfriend?

Girl. Pinterest. It's the best! If you type in "gift ideas for boyfriend" you will get tons of cute inspiration! Guys who are away from you (long distance relationship, overseas deployment, mission trip, vacation, college) love having something to remind them of you. Pinterest should take you to various etsy shops.

The classic framed picture of you two is great. Maybe put the photo in a brand new wallet. You can get name brand ones at Ross or TJ Maxx for a great price! Getting things engraved is another favorite of mine. Cameron has an athena band from James Avery that says "aeternum" (it means "forever" in Latin) on the inside. There are also many customize-your-own jewelry etsy shops.

3. What is the ring you always wear on your left ring finger? Is it an engagement ring?

That's my promise ring! Cameron gave it to me back in January of 2011. I believe it is from an engagement ring collection though.

updated...November 2015

4. Do you guys live together?

No. We live in separate town homes with roommates, but our houses are in the same complex! So basically we are neighbors.

September 15, 2014

Brighten up Your Monday

Bonjour mon chers! 

I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed this morning, but I enticed myself by wearing my favorite new top I got from Forever 21's Labor Day Sale. And thanks to Allie for lending me this adorable cardigan from Target.

//earrings are charming charlie//

Such a fun shoot today!
Have a great week,



September 12, 2014

Cristina on Campus: Exam Week

Hello lovlies!

Just wanted to post a little disclaimer... I will be a very busy belle these next two weeks. Cristina on Campus may not be on your computer screen, but I will be active on my...

Twitter: @cristina96x
Instagram: @cristina96x
and on my Ask account for your #collegecouples questions!

My twitter will mainly be me complaining about the cold weather and the lack of staff at Starbucks. However, I will be posting #oncampusstudytips to get you ready for your first round of exams.

Alright everyone, have a fun and safe weekend! Good luck on all your upcoming tests and what not :)



September 11, 2014

Cristina on Campus: The Sick Diaries

*sniff sniff* Hey ya'll.

If you haven't already guessed and/or seen twitter, I have a nasty cold this week. I appreciate all of my friends and family checking in! I've also had time while waiting at the clinic today to check some of the latest fall fashions. I will be posting an IG post later today on the latest trend!

I wasn't planning on blogging today, but my RA saw me walking into the building with Starbucks and  USA Today. I appeared in "blogger mode". To be honest, I was going to take a nap, but now I've been inspired to share my "on campus sick tips":

1. First off, try try try to still go to class. You don't want to miss anything important...especially with the first round of exams coming soon.

2. Even though you have to leave your bed, you don't have to feel like you did. Dress comfy! Sweat pants, tshirts, fleece jackets...wear them! You may not look like you're ready for NYFW, but who cares? I look homeless today, but I feel like I'm on a cloud.

Yes, these are jandals. Yes, they feel like heaven.
Thanks to Allie for getting them for me! Have you checked her blog recently?!

3. Beware of germs! As you can see I am making sure my dorm, hands, dishes, and items are germ free! Even if you aren't sick, you should take my advice on this one. My rule of thumb is if you pass a bottle of hand sanitizer, use it! 

4. PLENTY OF FLUIDS. Ya'll, Walmart has these giant Powerades for 85 cents. And if you're school has an on-campus Starbucks, you better get in line! You'd think after all the times I've been in there they'd spell my name right...

5. And what's in my bag on this sick day? A refillable Camelbak water bottle and a pack of cough drops! 

If ya are sick, get well soon! And if you aren't, go buy your sick friends some fro-yo :)

Say no to germs!



September 10, 2014

College Couples: Introduction

Hi ya'll!

Ok, SO excited about this new segment! If you haven't seen Instagram, I am now posting a #CollegeCouples post every Wednesday leading up to Cameron and I's 4 year anniversary. I'll be talking date ideas, DIY gifts, and even some advice.

First things first a little disclaimer... no boyfriend/girlfriend is needed to read these posts. Keep them in mind for a rainy day, a blind date, or just for future reference.

Also, if you have any ideas, topics you'd like me to include, or relationship questions that I can answer, post in the comments below, chat with me on Twitter, or email me!

For an introductory post, I'll share a little bit about me and Cam.

I met Cameron my first day of freshman year - literally three hours into it! He was in my 3rd period Spanish class. He was the only sophomore in there that didn't look scary, so I ended up talking to him. Fill in the blanks and now here we are almost four years later. We didn't plan on going to the same college. We both applied several places and then realized that Arkansas was meant to be home. And now we've gone to our first football game here together, studied in our dorms, and gone on a couple dates.

Today I'll just show you some throwback pictures of us. Each photo has one fun fact! I'm already getting tons of questions from you guys, so next week I will answer a few and write on whatever topic seems to be the majority request. Enjoy!

Cameron asked me out in front of a classroom. On our last day of school together when Cameron was a senior, we went back and took a picture by that room. 

Cameron taught himself the ukelele. We have a little "band" going on where I sing and he plays. We do The Lumineers, Ed Sheeran, and even Sam Smith.

Yes, I used to have super long hair. No, I don't regret cutting it. 

(and here's all my hair chopped off!) Cameron played varsity lacrosse back in Texas his sophomore, junior, and senior year. This year he will be playing club for UofA. If you've never been to a lacrosse game, you should see if your school has a team and go watch because it is a blast!
For prom Cam's senior year, all the boys in our group wore superhero shirts under their tuxedos. 
We match. A lot. And it's totally on accident. 
We sent notes to each other for three years straight when we went to high school together. And we both still have all of them.
We've gone to 4 homecomings, 2 balls, 3 banquets, and 2 proms together.
So that's a little bit about us! Each of us look forward to Wednesdays chatting with you all.



September 8, 2014

Outifts Under $50

Yesterday for my Sunday best, I wore an entire outfit that came to the sweet grand total of $31.95!

First off, (as usual) everything was on sale.
Second, two of my articles were part of a "buy one get one for 70% off" at Wet Seal.

All that I have on here are great pieces for fall. Here's how you can get the look under $50 for yourself:

My tee is from Gap. I bought it during a huge clearance sale for only $6.
Shop (...) clearance now and you'll find some solid color tops to go with your fall accessories.

My skirt is from Wet Seal. It goes with anything! Try browsing around some local chain shops near you. I recommend Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal (duh!), and also peek in department stores such as Dillard's or Macy's.

My scarf was the other half of the BOGO at Wet Seal. However, it was originally priced at (rounding up) $10. Still, if I bought it for full price, this outfit would have been 41.95. Check out (...) for some great scarves.

My sandals (I know ya'll have seen this a bajillion times, but that just shows how versatile they are!) are from Ross for $6. If you don't shop at Ross, I urge you to give it a try. A lot of people (myself included) can find that their merchandise is overwhelming at times. The shoe section is pretty easy to browse through as well as organized. Go get ya some cute shoes for walking through the leaves!

Make sure that whatever you buy (on sale or not) you will wear many times. Look for solid color tees, decorative accessories, and skirts or dresses that can be worn tons of different ways. Your wallet will thank you, and you'll be just as good lookin' as those changing leaves!

Have a great week,