September 17, 2014

College Couples: Week 1

Hi! Ok, I am so excited to have gotten so many question from you guys! This segment really is fun. A little disclaimer though - I don't know everything about relationships (of course not), but I am happy to give my two cents in an area that is near and dear to my heart.

Without further to-do, I am addressing my top three questions I was asked:

1. How do you keep your relationship Christ centered?
It all begins and ends in Him, right? So pray continuously. . There is only one person who knows what and who is right for you, and you have to keep Him in focus. And remember, the best date (at no cost!!) is church!

2. What is something I can send my boyfriend?

Girl. Pinterest. It's the best! If you type in "gift ideas for boyfriend" you will get tons of cute inspiration! Guys who are away from you (long distance relationship, overseas deployment, mission trip, vacation, college) love having something to remind them of you. Pinterest should take you to various etsy shops.

The classic framed picture of you two is great. Maybe put the photo in a brand new wallet. You can get name brand ones at Ross or TJ Maxx for a great price! Getting things engraved is another favorite of mine. Cameron has an athena band from James Avery that says "aeternum" (it means "forever" in Latin) on the inside. There are also many customize-your-own jewelry etsy shops.

3. What is the ring you always wear on your left ring finger? Is it an engagement ring?

That's my promise ring! Cameron gave it to me back in January of 2011. I believe it is from an engagement ring collection though.

updated...November 2015

4. Do you guys live together?

No. We live in separate town homes with roommates, but our houses are in the same complex! So basically we are neighbors.

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