September 30, 2014

I Woke Up Like This

It's not just a Beyonce song, it's my Tuesday morning!

I've been slackin' in fashion lately. I have all 8am classes. Now, there is nothing wrong with rolling out of bed, putting on a tshirt, and not bothering to put in your contacts. However, I have personally noticed that when I put a little prep in my step, I am more productive throughout the day.

See, if I'm in a big slouchy t-shirt, I am 10x as more tempted to crawl back in bed after class instead of getting some errands done or doing some studying. So today, I gave it the old college try.

Here's my 15 minute look for today...

American Eagle jeggings are heaven! Check out what they have on sale now.
Headbands are my effortless accessories. No brush, hairspray, or poppy pins needed for this look! 

By no means am I embarrassed to say that this plain gray tee is from Walmart. It's just your average cotton blend, and it is perfect for layering with your favorite jackets and/or scarves this fall!

This blingy watch added a little something extra. And so did my turquoise bracelet from the nicest owner of the greatest new shop, Shoot The Moon LA!

Put a little prep in your step!



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