September 3, 2014

An Off-Brand Allowance

Wait, it's already my second week as a college student?! Time really does fly.

Today I'm sharing some campus girl words of wisdom with ya'll. So without any further to-do, here is Cristina on Campus tip #2018

Buy the off-brand when you can, if not always.

Now that I'm a college student, I'm on a budget. I get a bi weekly allowance. (Thanks Dad!) Included is more than enough money to get food for my dorm, school supplies as needed, and even order a pizza every now and then.

(Psst...Here's something money can't buy... awesome friends!)

The trick with budgeting isn't just to not spend more than you have, it's to spend and have money to spare. Said money can be put away for a rainy day - literally. Maybe your car gets a flat and you have to have it fixed. You could save up for a weekend trip with your friends, a concert coming to town, you name it.

So, college gals, it's ok to get the cheapest item on the shelf.

I mostly buy snack food from the store because I have a meal plan. I buy off brand granola bars, peanut butter crackers, applesauce, and microwaveable soups.

 Sometimes the difference between the two items is only a few cents, but imagine - that's a few cents closer to that Kate Spade handbag you want for Christmas!

Instead of buying juice or flavored drinks, I get water flavoring. The Mio ones are really tasty and have energy boosters. Since you can put them in water, you're saving about four dollars if you would have gotten a few Vitamin Waters. And it really does taste the same, ya'll.

My latest off-brand purchase are these super-comfy harem sweatpants! I was eyeing a pair of Nike ones online for 85 dollars a few months ago. Yesterday it was chilly here and my legs were freezing, so after class I went to the mall. I got these for only 19.95 at Wet Seal. There was also a sale to get a second item for 70% off, so I bought a new cardigan I needed for the incoming temperature drop.

I'm proud to say I bought 2 essential fall pieces for less than $25 dollars. And I'm also excited to see my savings account grow.

I hope you take this CC Tip and apply it to your next grocery list.
Have a great week!



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