September 6, 2014

Game Day Tips

Happy weekend, ya'll!

So this afternoon my school had it's first home game!

I was going to keep my school anonymous, but it's kinda hard with the amount of love I have in my heart for my University of Arkansas Razorbacks!

Don't worry, I still love you if you go to A&M (Heehee). This is a blog for college girls - you could be at Oxford and I'd still want to reach out to you. So no matter what the score, team color, or your graduation year, Cristina on Campus is your girl!

That being said, here are my game day tips:

#1. No matter what - dress comfortable.

It could be hot, it could be pouring rain, it could be cold, you could be standing all prepared! You can still look cute, don't worry!

#2. Eat a big meal before the game so you don't have to buy snacks

#2a. The only snack you should spend money on at the game...the huge bags of carmel corn! It was 6 dollars, but it's going to last us for the next few days - worth it!

#3. Don't take a big purse with you

If you can, just take a wristlet for your student ID/ticket. This way, you don't have to wait in line for bag check. (A sweet upperclassmen told me this when I ran into her in my dorm hallway this morning!)

#4. Don't be like me and save your homework for late.

Girl, I know you have a cute agenda from Swoozies. You know what time the game is, so make sure you've made a window of time before or after to do homework. Friday night, Saturday morning, after the game, doesn't matter! Just remember to do it.

#5. HAVE FUN! These are the best four years of your life, and in my opinion, the football games are one of the best parts.

Go team! 



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