September 27, 2014

Recent Happenings

Hi lovely campus ladies!

My fellow blogger, Kelsey from "With The Strive", came running in my room on Friday to scold me for not putting up my Wednesday's couple segment! Apparently, it's Kelsey's favorite, and I cannot disappoint.

Sooo...Wednesday I will be giving you the biggest and best couple segment yet. An interview with the one and only Cameron (aka my boyfriend) aaaaand an #ootd that he picked out for me! (Major brownie points, am I right ladies?)

I haven't had a lot of time with exam week to blog to ya'll, so here's the latest scoop from Cristina on Campus:

1) I got A's on all my exams this week (Journalism, American National Government, World Literature, and Music Lecture). My secret is Quizlet. Also, when you study, give yourself 10 min pinterest/twitter/instagram breaks every 2 hours! Make sure you're following me so we can chat, repin, and "like" photos!

2) For my week of workouts, I did two days of circuit training at the fitness center. Here's my standard 45 min workout - great for when you need a break from those textbooks!

Cardio: 15 minute elliptical machine at a high intensity (steep incline, fast pace)
Legs: 10 minutes - leg press, calve raises, adductor, abductor
Arms: 10 minutes - biceps, triceps, pectorals, and a little bit of back
Abs: 30 slow cruches, 20 russian twists, 20 jackknives, 30 second plank (repeat 3 times)

If you have some extra time, do a 5 minute cool down stretch followed by a "walk it out" on the treadmill

3) I decided to go home this weekend for my sister, Caroline's, sweet 16! During my 9-hour road trip, I listened to a lot of good jams. Here's my top 5:

1. Okey by Marching Band
2. Don't by Ed Sheeran
3. Change Your Mind by The Killers
4. Overboard by Ingrid Michaleson
5. lots of Mumford and Sons!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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