September 10, 2014

College Couples: Introduction

Hi ya'll!

Ok, SO excited about this new segment! If you haven't seen Instagram, I am now posting a #CollegeCouples post every Wednesday leading up to Cameron and I's 4 year anniversary. I'll be talking date ideas, DIY gifts, and even some advice.

First things first a little disclaimer... no boyfriend/girlfriend is needed to read these posts. Keep them in mind for a rainy day, a blind date, or just for future reference.

Also, if you have any ideas, topics you'd like me to include, or relationship questions that I can answer, post in the comments below, chat with me on Twitter, or email me!

For an introductory post, I'll share a little bit about me and Cam.

I met Cameron my first day of freshman year - literally three hours into it! He was in my 3rd period Spanish class. He was the only sophomore in there that didn't look scary, so I ended up talking to him. Fill in the blanks and now here we are almost four years later. We didn't plan on going to the same college. We both applied several places and then realized that Arkansas was meant to be home. And now we've gone to our first football game here together, studied in our dorms, and gone on a couple dates.

Today I'll just show you some throwback pictures of us. Each photo has one fun fact! I'm already getting tons of questions from you guys, so next week I will answer a few and write on whatever topic seems to be the majority request. Enjoy!

Cameron asked me out in front of a classroom. On our last day of school together when Cameron was a senior, we went back and took a picture by that room. 

Cameron taught himself the ukelele. We have a little "band" going on where I sing and he plays. We do The Lumineers, Ed Sheeran, and even Sam Smith.

Yes, I used to have super long hair. No, I don't regret cutting it. 

(and here's all my hair chopped off!) Cameron played varsity lacrosse back in Texas his sophomore, junior, and senior year. This year he will be playing club for UofA. If you've never been to a lacrosse game, you should see if your school has a team and go watch because it is a blast!
For prom Cam's senior year, all the boys in our group wore superhero shirts under their tuxedos. 
We match. A lot. And it's totally on accident. 
We sent notes to each other for three years straight when we went to high school together. And we both still have all of them.
We've gone to 4 homecomings, 2 balls, 3 banquets, and 2 proms together.
So that's a little bit about us! Each of us look forward to Wednesdays chatting with you all.



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