September 23, 2014

Nailpolish 101

Hi guys!

Tomorrow is my LAST exam for the week. THANK GOODNESS. I am going insane sitting in my room for hours on end studying flashcards, eating canned green beans, and...studying flashcards! 

If ya'll aren't familiar with Quizlet, get on it. It's the bomb - especially if you get the app. You can study flashcards and quiz yourself while on the treadmill or eating lunch with your friends.

I needed a mental break. First things first, I opened my window because it is GORGEOUS outside, and this fall weather is perfect! (Low of 45, high of 75...yes!) Then I painted my nails. I'm pretty sure I do better on a test when my mani is on point. Either way they look super cute!

I used "Rain Storm" by Sinful Colors (these are $1.98 at Walmart!) for the blue and "Lovely Lilac" by Sally Hansen XTreme (these are hard to chip!) for this look.

To do the nail art, I just dipped the end of a bobby pin in the paint and free-handed some doodles.

Well I was just dropping in to say hi, but now I have to get back to studying.



P.S. My roomie and I would really appreciate it if someone brought us some pizza. Thanks.

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