September 11, 2014

Cristina on Campus: The Sick Diaries

*sniff sniff* Hey ya'll.

If you haven't already guessed and/or seen twitter, I have a nasty cold this week. I appreciate all of my friends and family checking in! I've also had time while waiting at the clinic today to check some of the latest fall fashions. I will be posting an IG post later today on the latest trend!

I wasn't planning on blogging today, but my RA saw me walking into the building with Starbucks and  USA Today. I appeared in "blogger mode". To be honest, I was going to take a nap, but now I've been inspired to share my "on campus sick tips":

1. First off, try try try to still go to class. You don't want to miss anything important...especially with the first round of exams coming soon.

2. Even though you have to leave your bed, you don't have to feel like you did. Dress comfy! Sweat pants, tshirts, fleece jackets...wear them! You may not look like you're ready for NYFW, but who cares? I look homeless today, but I feel like I'm on a cloud.

Yes, these are jandals. Yes, they feel like heaven.
Thanks to Allie for getting them for me! Have you checked her blog recently?!

3. Beware of germs! As you can see I am making sure my dorm, hands, dishes, and items are germ free! Even if you aren't sick, you should take my advice on this one. My rule of thumb is if you pass a bottle of hand sanitizer, use it! 

4. PLENTY OF FLUIDS. Ya'll, Walmart has these giant Powerades for 85 cents. And if you're school has an on-campus Starbucks, you better get in line! You'd think after all the times I've been in there they'd spell my name right...

5. And what's in my bag on this sick day? A refillable Camelbak water bottle and a pack of cough drops! 

If ya are sick, get well soon! And if you aren't, go buy your sick friends some fro-yo :)

Say no to germs!



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