July 31, 2014

More Bang For Your Buck

Do you ever feel like you wear the same few outfits over and over again?

I was feeling that way this week. I didn't want to (and my wallet really couldn't) go shopping and get some new things, so I decided to get a little creative!

I am the queen of recycling clothes and acting like I'm a fashion designer when I'm not.

I took a dress and made it into a blouse!

Watch and learn (this is actually really easy, I just think I'm so original...haha, maybe not!)

My beloved floral print dress (as seen in my Beyonce inspired post) had an unfortunate incident in the washing machine and shrunk a little bit. It's not too bad... I can still wear it as a dress, but I have to tug at it whenever I drop my lip gloss (oops!). As I've said, floral print is great because it does so much to your outfit before you add jewelry and accessories. 

Here is where my beloved dress met my most adored high wasted Tommy Hilfiger skirt! (as seen in the post "Sunday Funday") Due to the shrink, my dress was shorter than the skirt, so it was perfect to tuck in! Also, the dress is a light fabric, so it wasn't too heavy to combine the two.


This outfit accompanied me to a meeting, some errands, and a lunch date! Keeping my accessories simple, I really let the outfit do the talking!

I hope you are able to make something like this out of your wardrobe! Just follow the 5 key steps:

1. Pick a top piece (old t-shirt, button down, dress, sweatshirt, etc.)
2. Pick a bottom piece (skirt, jeans, maxi dress worn as skirt, maxi skirt, high waisted shorts, etc.)
3. Add accessories - you may need a belt to make it all blend.
4. Bling it up! - a statement necklace, some arm candy, simple earrings... take your pick!
5. Have fun walking around and see if anyone notices how you recycled your clothes!

Oh! And my furry friend Koda says hi!


July 30, 2014

For the Win! featuring Frat Collection & Sassy Riley Co

We are halfway through this crazy week, y'all! (At least it's pretty crazy for me... so many loose ends to tie up before the move... 17 days now I believe!)

So yesterday my phone was ringing off the hook! Business emails and college emails - it was a mess!  When I finally took time to look at my phone, I had a twitter notification from Fraternity Collection.  I had won $100 store credit!

After my happy dance, I immediately sat down and indulged in some online shopping. And now - of course - I've gotta blog about it!

Instead of just showing you all I got, I want to show you what I got plus how I plan to style my winnings. Fraternity collection is a great place for collegiate guys and gals to shop for tailgate trends and comfy t-shirts, long sleeves, and sweatshirts to wear around campus. (Notice I included the Y chromosomes...yes, they have great tees, button downs, and accessories for guys, too!) Check it out!

I got this AH-mazing and comfy long sleeve frocket tee.
**note: I got a medium so I can have it baggy for layering!

I went with an emerald green with maroon embroidery for some fall colors.
Here's how I plan to style it: 

>>picture 1: I love puffer vests. (Just wait till fall, I'm obsessed!) You can get gorgeous ones from JCrew, but I actually found both of the ones I own at thrift stores. Even though I live in the south, I can wear them because they are relatively light. I would most likely do a dark color with my tee such as gray. And a statement necklace really dresses it up. 
(pc: Pinterest)
>>picture 2: I like this look for when the temperature drops a little lower than I'd like it to. I plan to easily take a plain white button down or perhaps a light blue and wear it under the long sleeve. Plus adding a hat makes it relaxed and preppy. If it is really cold, I'd wear full length jeans and riding boots. What a cute look! 
(pc: Pinterest)

I couldn't not get one of their bowtie hats! I wanted one that was a solid color and would go with a lot. They had my signature colors: baby blue and white! So of course I snagged it! 

Frat collection has sooo many colors, it was hard to pick one! 

I think baseball caps look super cute with tshirts, and I know I'll be wearing a lot of tees on campus. 
(pc: holyprepster.tumblr.com)

But then again... on a sunny day, a breezy dress paired with a cap like this is an easy and fun look! 
(pc: sarahsreallife.wordpress.com)

Outfit ideas are swirling around in my head already! I can't wait till my delivery arrives. I also got a koozie (because I needed a 10th one) and a bow tie sunglass strap for my boyfriend in an American Flag print. 

Hope you get a chance to shop Fraternity Collection! Make sure you follow them on Twitter to enter giveaways. And while you're at it follow me! (@cristina96x)

A couple weeks ago, I won a gift card to Sassy Riley. I used my earnings to get this gorgeous white and gold cuff bracelet because it goes with anything and is just darling. Go check them out! 

Last - but certainly not least - is my giveaway with Sadie Down South.

We are giving away TWO pairs of Kate Spade studs - one for you and one for your bestie! The rules to enter are posted on our Instagrams (SadieLee's is @Sadiedownsouth). Winner announced next Tuesday.

Entering giveaways is so fun, so if you'll excuse me...I'm gonna enter some more!


July 29, 2014

Blair Hair

Hey ya'll!

So I had a great time visiting ATX and am so happy to be back and right back to shopping for my #oncampusspace! 19 days and counting!

Anyways, this is a segment I like to call "Blair Hair" (as in Blair Waldorf of course!).
I love the way she styles her hair so many different ways! Hey might as well watch Gossip Girl to get some ideas! I know I do!

So this is a casual and easy updo! A boho hair wrap.

What you'll need:
*a headband of your choice (you know I prefer ones from charming Charlie's! but make sure it is the kind that goes all around!)
*some bobby pins

Step 1: locate your cute headband. This embellished black one looks really cute with my yellow top and rose gold accessories! 
Step 2: set it on your head over your hair and if it easily slips, secure with bobby pins
Step 3: begin tucking your hair into the headband and wrapping it around until it's all in 
Step 4: continue to do so all around your head... the back is kinda hard to do! 
Step 5: make sure it's all tucked in all around! 

Step 6: use bobby pins to secure! 
Step 7: hairspray it real good! 

And done!

Hope ya'll have a great hair day! 


July 25, 2014

Swimmin' Holes, Seersucker, & the Lone Star State

Day 2 in ATX!

Started the day off with an early morning zip lining adventure on Lake Travis! Hiking in Nikes is probably the most comfortable - just watch out for mud! And a comfort colors shirt won't stop the heat, but it does keep you lookin cool! 

It was definitely a ponytail day! I stock up on headbands at Charming Charlie's - makes bad hair days tamed and fabulous! I have a dozen prints & colors. Something I recommend buying tons of before heading out to campus. This will be my go to hairstyle for those 8 ams! 

My souveniers include a sticker, some croakies, and yet another koozie! I thought croakies were the most arbitrary accessory, but now that I have a pair I realize how great they are! Have you ever tried to put your glasses on the top of your head and it messes up your hair-do? I know this may sound like a "princess prob", but, oh well - now I want croakies in every color to match my outfits :-)

So my seersucker monogrammed dress from Rich Girl Rags doubled as a coverup today at the Krause swimming hole! I even wore it to our BBQ dinner afterwards! Definitely getting my money's worth. 

Hope everyone had a beautiful day! 


July 24, 2014

Prep in My Step

This weekend, I am visiting Austin, TX with my family. 

I hope to stop in with a couple of pics each day for y'all to showcase my travel style & the fun activities we're enjoying!

Today we had dinner downtown and then went on a boat ride bat tour... yes, bats! 

I kept it simple (and breathable.. it's so hot and humid!) 
If your outfit is simple, match your accessories accordingly. 

A statement earring really enhances the face, and at the same time removes heavy focus from my "travel" hair.

Tip: Just curl the ends of your hair for a little body and a quick fix! 

And lastly... stay hydrated! ....with soy chai tea lattes of course! 

It was a beautiful evening & I sure hope yours was too! 


July 23, 2014

My Summer (Southern) Uniform

Tonight, I am wearing some of the hottest southern trends in one amazing dress! 

I saw this beauty on Rich Girl Rag's Instagram as one of their new arrivals and immediately bought it. You know I must love it because I never buy anything full priced, but there I was coupon-less rapidly typing in my credit card info...so glad it's finally mine! 

So...scallops? Until a couple summers ago, I thought those were what you got at fancy seafood establishments. Scallops are the detailed trim along this dress. 

What's the big deal?

Well, scallops add a little something extra to a piece. A hot pink tank is nice, but add a scalloped hemline and it becomes a statement piece everyone will swoon over! Here are some of my favorite items that have been "scalloped" this summer! 

Forget rhinestoned or cheetah print bikinis (so, 2013!) - this scalloped bikini top is so fun! 

I have a pair of scalloped high waisted shorts from Forever 21 that I adore! I usually wear them to dress up a plain black tee and add jewelry! It's an easy and fun look! 

My fellow blogger babe, SadieLee looks amazing in her scalloped Lily Pulitzer shorts! Check her out and see more darling outfits! 

I wasn't too in to seersucker at the beginning of the summer because I just didn't really think it was a "must have" for my closet. 

Then I realized why it was so important. A full wardrobe needs texture. West coast style carries a lot of metallic and embellished clothing to add texture, but down south...well...do the buttons on my button down Polo count? So seersucker in a pair of shorts, a skirt, or even just a cap really adds more life to our favorite southern styles! 

As ya'll know, Lauren James is one of my favorite designers and Country Club Prep carriers her seersucker bow caps! You'll see loads of people at your local swimming pool with polo hats in all colors, but you'll turn heads with this one! It's a little different, but way cute! 

Also check out Lauren James' seersucker tanks! Yes I suppose you can never have too much of a good thing!! 

So back to my dress I'm still obsessing over, (most likely sleeping in this tonight!) I got it from Rich Girl Rags. 
Lately, a lot of my followers have been asking me 1) where I shop & 2) how I have so many clothes - RGR is the answer! 

Not only are the clothes PERFECT, they are also reasonably priced. If you follow RGR on twitter and  Instagram, you can stay informed on sales (which they have a lot of!) 

Also, RGR has several representatives for them. If you find one on twitter or Instagram, you can use their discount codes! 
So quick shoutout to the lovely Rocking My Tiara from Twitter! If you use her discount code at checkout, you get 10% off! Told ya I usually don't get things full priced! 

There's my secret!

For details, I styled my dress with my "live colorfully" Charming Charlie earrings and my trademark spade necklace. I didn't want to overload this with anything heavy because it's already got a lot going on.

And have you seen this...IT'S MONOGRAMMED! I normally would not put a monogram on a dress, but it's like it belongs there. 

My dress and I enjoyed a lovely evening at church and then dinner afterwards! Definitely taking this beauty on campus with me. 

Hope ya'll jump on the seersucker & scallops trend before it gets too chilly!!


On Campus Inspired

I strive to give tips and tricks on how to create the best on campus looks! Send me your best #oncampusinspired #ootd on {cristinaoncampus@gmail.com} to be featured on the blog!

check out Sabreena's look from classyinmaryland.tumblr.com & visit her page! 

This look was inspired by my Sunday Funday outfit! Casual, comfy, and super cute! 

Looking fab!


July 22, 2014

How I Organize + Tips&Tricks

Hey ya'll!

So I was cleaning up my room a little today, and I decided to blog some of my organizing pieces to give you some tips that you can hopefully use for your rooms, apartments, or dorm rooms!

Alright guys, you are not just looking at my accessories collection - this is also my sixth grade locker shelf!
I'm saving up to buy a little more (oh, how do I put it...?) "high end" jewelry organizer, but for right now, this works wonderfully! I can hang earrings off the shelf's rods as well as necklaces and bracelets. On top I can stack my hats and bazillion headbands. (Blair Waldorf status right there!) So if you didn't trash your locker shelf, find it a good home and get all your statement pieces and sparkly treasures organized!

Here is just one corner of my desk. I'm gonna miss this double layer glass style because it has so much space to organize! If you are living in an apartment or home and are looking for a good desk, ones with extra storage space are fab! I have my favorite tumbler handy, and as you can see on the bottom layer - a few gems from my koozie collection! Also I keep "thank you" notes on hand (aren't these darling?!) I have a mild obsession with candles, so here is one from Bath and Body Works! And also (Monica moment.......if you caught this Friends reference then you are my fav!) I have a cute coaster I found at a garage sale, so my Diet Cokes don't leave water rings!

Over here on my desk I have all my favorite reads (stacked in the order in which I want to read them) with my agendas on top. I have two at the moment because the Lilly one is about to be replaced when the Kate Spade one starts in August! If you're looking for a good agenda to stay organized this school year, I recommend either one of these! They are extremely similar in the way they are set up. The Lilly comes in more prints and sizes, but the Kate Spade is so classic and doesn't feel limited even though it comes in 2 prints only. Get either of these from swoozies.com - they have the best prices by far!

So here is my not-so-glamourous makeup storage! It's a little cluttered, but I love love love having a hanging bag to put my makeup in. It makes traveling easy because it rolls up, and then once you unroll it you can hang it on a command hook, a towel rack, or just lay it out across the bathroom counter. I highly recommend this for college girls - easy to store in your dorm and easy to roll up and throw in your backpack or tote for quick touch ups during the day! Mine is from Mary Kay, but I know Hayden Reis has some cute ideas for makeup storage!

Well that's what I've got for you lovelies today! I'm running errands all over the place (and in my favorite heels!) I'm a strong believer in dressing the way you want to feel - today I want to feel productive and powerful, so here's my look!

Hope you're loving my blog and Instagram page! Make sure you're following me on Twitter as well - @cristina96x


P.S. can't wait to meet with some of my reps today....exciting stuff coming up! Eek!