July 13, 2014

Sunday Fun-day

"Live colorfully" - Kate Spade

One of my favorite things about summer is getting to wear so many fun colors - and hopefully with a tan!

This timeless yellow button down was given to me by my lovely best friend and fellow blogger, S! (Pssst... check her out on sadiedownsouth.blogspot!)

Now, there's so much that you can do with this blouse that I styled it three different ways!

First look is bright and girly - perfect for a prepster's summer! These earrings are from (another favorite of mine) Charming Charlie's summer line. I don't usually wear them with another color because I like to dress up my neutral outfits with these lovelies, but for this look - the more color the merrier! And my navy blue skirt from Tommy Hilfiger is to die for and goes with everything...or maybe I just have a lot of nautical prints...whoops! To top it off, I added my favorite pair of ballet flats - leopard ones from Target! Now someone take me to a boardwalk lunch!!

Second look is a bit more relaxed, but still fun! I made a couple quick changes - I got a little more comfy in my black chino shorts from JCrew. (I have 7 colors... go get some!) I kicked off my flats for my favorite embellished sandals from my previous post, and put my hair up because it is 100 degrees ya'll, whew!

My dog, Chip, wanted to get in the picture, too! ...Well actually he just wanted my popsicle. 

Last look I took my desire for white sandy beaches to my outfit - all I need is, well... a white sandy beach! I love this comfort colors bro-tank! (wow, that sentence had 2 of my favorite things in it!) I threw the yellow button down over it for a "gone-sailing" look, put my favorite cap on (it's pink and Polo...perfection), and wore my favorite seersucker shorts. Now seriously, can someone take me to the Keys?!

Hope everyone is enjoying there summer in style (and lots of color!)


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