July 23, 2014

My Summer (Southern) Uniform

Tonight, I am wearing some of the hottest southern trends in one amazing dress! 

I saw this beauty on Rich Girl Rag's Instagram as one of their new arrivals and immediately bought it. You know I must love it because I never buy anything full priced, but there I was coupon-less rapidly typing in my credit card info...so glad it's finally mine! 

So...scallops? Until a couple summers ago, I thought those were what you got at fancy seafood establishments. Scallops are the detailed trim along this dress. 

What's the big deal?

Well, scallops add a little something extra to a piece. A hot pink tank is nice, but add a scalloped hemline and it becomes a statement piece everyone will swoon over! Here are some of my favorite items that have been "scalloped" this summer! 

Forget rhinestoned or cheetah print bikinis (so, 2013!) - this scalloped bikini top is so fun! 

I have a pair of scalloped high waisted shorts from Forever 21 that I adore! I usually wear them to dress up a plain black tee and add jewelry! It's an easy and fun look! 

My fellow blogger babe, SadieLee looks amazing in her scalloped Lily Pulitzer shorts! Check her out and see more darling outfits! 

I wasn't too in to seersucker at the beginning of the summer because I just didn't really think it was a "must have" for my closet. 

Then I realized why it was so important. A full wardrobe needs texture. West coast style carries a lot of metallic and embellished clothing to add texture, but down south...well...do the buttons on my button down Polo count? So seersucker in a pair of shorts, a skirt, or even just a cap really adds more life to our favorite southern styles! 

As ya'll know, Lauren James is one of my favorite designers and Country Club Prep carriers her seersucker bow caps! You'll see loads of people at your local swimming pool with polo hats in all colors, but you'll turn heads with this one! It's a little different, but way cute! 

Also check out Lauren James' seersucker tanks! Yes I suppose you can never have too much of a good thing!! 

So back to my dress I'm still obsessing over, (most likely sleeping in this tonight!) I got it from Rich Girl Rags. 
Lately, a lot of my followers have been asking me 1) where I shop & 2) how I have so many clothes - RGR is the answer! 

Not only are the clothes PERFECT, they are also reasonably priced. If you follow RGR on twitter and  Instagram, you can stay informed on sales (which they have a lot of!) 

Also, RGR has several representatives for them. If you find one on twitter or Instagram, you can use their discount codes! 
So quick shoutout to the lovely Rocking My Tiara from Twitter! If you use her discount code at checkout, you get 10% off! Told ya I usually don't get things full priced! 

There's my secret!

For details, I styled my dress with my "live colorfully" Charming Charlie earrings and my trademark spade necklace. I didn't want to overload this with anything heavy because it's already got a lot going on.

And have you seen this...IT'S MONOGRAMMED! I normally would not put a monogram on a dress, but it's like it belongs there. 

My dress and I enjoyed a lovely evening at church and then dinner afterwards! Definitely taking this beauty on campus with me. 

Hope ya'll jump on the seersucker & scallops trend before it gets too chilly!!


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