July 14, 2014

Fashionista Fast

Fashionista fast

oh how I wish I had a Dorota (oh, just wait I have so many Gossip Girl references) to dress me every morning, clean my room, and hand deliver my dry cleaning. 

Reality check: most days I'm running from the gym, to the store, to appointments, to work, and not necessarily in that order! However, once I'm off the clock - give me a diet coke & I'm ready for some fun. 

this post is a busy girl's night out: family bowling edition (heehee... Hope I win!) 
Tips on how to unwind from a crazy day in style! And most importantly...quickly & comfortably! 

First things first & COC tip #182: Comfort is key. 
for your outfit, pick something breathable and/or something of a cotton blend. You wanna get the feel of a t-shirt. I love my nautical striped three quarter length tee from JCrew... I could sleep in this baby! 

next, add color! You're going out - dress like it! Floral prints are great for summer & to spruce up the cuteness level on your outfit. These silk blend embellished shorts are from Target, but a good source told me Forever21 has several pairs as well for cheap! 

Lastly, accessorize! In a rush, you don't want to spend time layering necklaces or stacking bangles. Throw on a big chunky necklace as the cherry on top! Mine is fromaliexpress.com but I've seen these flower bud necklaces everywhere lately! But really any big necklace will do! 

Now after you take a selfie looking all cute, ya'll put your phones down and enjoy time with friends and/or family! 

Hope you get a strike! Unless you're playing me of course - then you're going down! 


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