July 21, 2014

Monday TLC

There's only about a month's worth of Mondays left till us school girls can't hit our snooze buttons anymore! (I know...sorry for bringing it up!)
In light of it all, let's take advantage of the time we have now in our daily routine to give ourselves a boost of some TLC! 

Here's some R&R tips Cristina on a Campus style. 

#1 don't hit snooze.

It's actually clinically proven that repeatedly pushing back the time you need to wake will make you more sluggish (we don't need that!) Wake up on the first alarm and go have a glass of water while you start your coffee pot! I play fun music when I wake up to make it a little less grueling... Today's song? Fire by Ingrid Michaelson!

#2 Break a sweat

I try to do some form of exercise 6 times a week! Sometimes I'll just go for a quick jog, but some days I like a full hour at the gym. Go with a friend! Someone who can motivate you... And to make sure you're out of bed on time! (Thanks to my friend Angela for hitting the gym with me so early this morning! My muscles thank you!) 

And as Elle Woods always says... 

#3 Fuel your body

Besides my much needed coffee, I like a well balanced breakfast. I never have time to make something elaborate so I tend to go to something where I can just use the microwave - sometimes that's not the healthiest option (even if French toast sticks are so yummy!) Yogurt is quick and easy! And adding fruit and granola takes an extra two seconds and gives your body extra good nutrients! 

Check out my Pinterest account- I pin a lot of healthy smoothies, low carb meals, and easy snack ideas to my "Food" & "Health Kick" board! 

#4 Drink lots of H2O!

I've always been a good water drinker, and I could go on and on about all the good things it does for you (healthy skin, faster metabolism... Pinterest teaches me a lot!) Lately, I've been loving the fruit infused water craze. I love lemons in my water, but I've also heard mint, cucumbers, and watermelon are popular add-ins! 

My monogrammed tervis from Swoozies makes staying hydrated fun!

#5 Give yourself "Me time"

It's ok if you literally have to schedule time for yourself in your day! I did! I took a load off by giving myself a fresh manicure in Loreal's "pink pineapple" polish and watch two episodes of Friends! (I've been an avid Friends lover for years!)

aaaand #6 SATC style

(re-pin from blogger babe SadieLee)

Wishing everyone a wonderful week! (I love all y'all to pieces, dear followers!)


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