July 30, 2014

For the Win! featuring Frat Collection & Sassy Riley Co

We are halfway through this crazy week, y'all! (At least it's pretty crazy for me... so many loose ends to tie up before the move... 17 days now I believe!)

So yesterday my phone was ringing off the hook! Business emails and college emails - it was a mess!  When I finally took time to look at my phone, I had a twitter notification from Fraternity Collection.  I had won $100 store credit!

After my happy dance, I immediately sat down and indulged in some online shopping. And now - of course - I've gotta blog about it!

Instead of just showing you all I got, I want to show you what I got plus how I plan to style my winnings. Fraternity collection is a great place for collegiate guys and gals to shop for tailgate trends and comfy t-shirts, long sleeves, and sweatshirts to wear around campus. (Notice I included the Y chromosomes...yes, they have great tees, button downs, and accessories for guys, too!) Check it out!

I got this AH-mazing and comfy long sleeve frocket tee.
**note: I got a medium so I can have it baggy for layering!

I went with an emerald green with maroon embroidery for some fall colors.
Here's how I plan to style it: 

>>picture 1: I love puffer vests. (Just wait till fall, I'm obsessed!) You can get gorgeous ones from JCrew, but I actually found both of the ones I own at thrift stores. Even though I live in the south, I can wear them because they are relatively light. I would most likely do a dark color with my tee such as gray. And a statement necklace really dresses it up. 
(pc: Pinterest)
>>picture 2: I like this look for when the temperature drops a little lower than I'd like it to. I plan to easily take a plain white button down or perhaps a light blue and wear it under the long sleeve. Plus adding a hat makes it relaxed and preppy. If it is really cold, I'd wear full length jeans and riding boots. What a cute look! 
(pc: Pinterest)

I couldn't not get one of their bowtie hats! I wanted one that was a solid color and would go with a lot. They had my signature colors: baby blue and white! So of course I snagged it! 

Frat collection has sooo many colors, it was hard to pick one! 

I think baseball caps look super cute with tshirts, and I know I'll be wearing a lot of tees on campus. 
(pc: holyprepster.tumblr.com)

But then again... on a sunny day, a breezy dress paired with a cap like this is an easy and fun look! 
(pc: sarahsreallife.wordpress.com)

Outfit ideas are swirling around in my head already! I can't wait till my delivery arrives. I also got a koozie (because I needed a 10th one) and a bow tie sunglass strap for my boyfriend in an American Flag print. 

Hope you get a chance to shop Fraternity Collection! Make sure you follow them on Twitter to enter giveaways. And while you're at it follow me! (@cristina96x)

A couple weeks ago, I won a gift card to Sassy Riley. I used my earnings to get this gorgeous white and gold cuff bracelet because it goes with anything and is just darling. Go check them out! 

Last - but certainly not least - is my giveaway with Sadie Down South.

We are giving away TWO pairs of Kate Spade studs - one for you and one for your bestie! The rules to enter are posted on our Instagrams (SadieLee's is @Sadiedownsouth). Winner announced next Tuesday.

Entering giveaways is so fun, so if you'll excuse me...I'm gonna enter some more!


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