July 20, 2014

A "Whaley" Great Day

Summer is a great time for outdoor-sy activities!
But how do you dress your best for the summer heat and messy activities?

This morning I went to a farmer's market to get some fresh fruit.

I didn't want to show up to the farm in one of my oversized t-shirts, but then again, I would've gotten some weird stares if I was walking through the fruit bins in a Lilly dress and wedges.

I settled for a simple, light weight blouse and some laid-back JCrew khaki colored chinos.
I got my navy blouse at Charlotte Russe... shop their summer tanks and blouses here!

This whale-printed lime cardigan is my favorite new pickup! It's from Target of course. Right now, a lot of their cardigans are on sale considering it's still a little hot to wear them. But this is the best time to stock up on some for fall... or one of those rare days that it gets a little cooler outside. 

Be prepared to see this beauty on the blog a lot because I am so swoon! 
(nail polish in "Go greek" by OPI)

I really wanted to go with simple jewelry to complement this simple look.

As you can see I'm loving showing off this gold and rhinestoned key necklace! It was actually a present my boyfriend got me while on a cruise. If you're looking for something dainty but cute to pair with your casual outfits, this pineapple paradise necklace from Charming Charlie's is darling!

Speaking of Charming Charlie's.. you can also get cute watches like this one in so many different colors and styles! 

Got to go make some pie with the yummy California peaches I got!

Have a "whaley" great day! 


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