July 22, 2014

How I Organize + Tips&Tricks

Hey ya'll!

So I was cleaning up my room a little today, and I decided to blog some of my organizing pieces to give you some tips that you can hopefully use for your rooms, apartments, or dorm rooms!

Alright guys, you are not just looking at my accessories collection - this is also my sixth grade locker shelf!
I'm saving up to buy a little more (oh, how do I put it...?) "high end" jewelry organizer, but for right now, this works wonderfully! I can hang earrings off the shelf's rods as well as necklaces and bracelets. On top I can stack my hats and bazillion headbands. (Blair Waldorf status right there!) So if you didn't trash your locker shelf, find it a good home and get all your statement pieces and sparkly treasures organized!

Here is just one corner of my desk. I'm gonna miss this double layer glass style because it has so much space to organize! If you are living in an apartment or home and are looking for a good desk, ones with extra storage space are fab! I have my favorite tumbler handy, and as you can see on the bottom layer - a few gems from my koozie collection! Also I keep "thank you" notes on hand (aren't these darling?!) I have a mild obsession with candles, so here is one from Bath and Body Works! And also (Monica moment.......if you caught this Friends reference then you are my fav!) I have a cute coaster I found at a garage sale, so my Diet Cokes don't leave water rings!

Over here on my desk I have all my favorite reads (stacked in the order in which I want to read them) with my agendas on top. I have two at the moment because the Lilly one is about to be replaced when the Kate Spade one starts in August! If you're looking for a good agenda to stay organized this school year, I recommend either one of these! They are extremely similar in the way they are set up. The Lilly comes in more prints and sizes, but the Kate Spade is so classic and doesn't feel limited even though it comes in 2 prints only. Get either of these from swoozies.com - they have the best prices by far!

So here is my not-so-glamourous makeup storage! It's a little cluttered, but I love love love having a hanging bag to put my makeup in. It makes traveling easy because it rolls up, and then once you unroll it you can hang it on a command hook, a towel rack, or just lay it out across the bathroom counter. I highly recommend this for college girls - easy to store in your dorm and easy to roll up and throw in your backpack or tote for quick touch ups during the day! Mine is from Mary Kay, but I know Hayden Reis has some cute ideas for makeup storage!

Well that's what I've got for you lovelies today! I'm running errands all over the place (and in my favorite heels!) I'm a strong believer in dressing the way you want to feel - today I want to feel productive and powerful, so here's my look!

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P.S. can't wait to meet with some of my reps today....exciting stuff coming up! Eek!

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