July 31, 2014

More Bang For Your Buck

Do you ever feel like you wear the same few outfits over and over again?

I was feeling that way this week. I didn't want to (and my wallet really couldn't) go shopping and get some new things, so I decided to get a little creative!

I am the queen of recycling clothes and acting like I'm a fashion designer when I'm not.

I took a dress and made it into a blouse!

Watch and learn (this is actually really easy, I just think I'm so original...haha, maybe not!)

My beloved floral print dress (as seen in my Beyonce inspired post) had an unfortunate incident in the washing machine and shrunk a little bit. It's not too bad... I can still wear it as a dress, but I have to tug at it whenever I drop my lip gloss (oops!). As I've said, floral print is great because it does so much to your outfit before you add jewelry and accessories. 

Here is where my beloved dress met my most adored high wasted Tommy Hilfiger skirt! (as seen in the post "Sunday Funday") Due to the shrink, my dress was shorter than the skirt, so it was perfect to tuck in! Also, the dress is a light fabric, so it wasn't too heavy to combine the two.


This outfit accompanied me to a meeting, some errands, and a lunch date! Keeping my accessories simple, I really let the outfit do the talking!

I hope you are able to make something like this out of your wardrobe! Just follow the 5 key steps:

1. Pick a top piece (old t-shirt, button down, dress, sweatshirt, etc.)
2. Pick a bottom piece (skirt, jeans, maxi dress worn as skirt, maxi skirt, high waisted shorts, etc.)
3. Add accessories - you may need a belt to make it all blend.
4. Bling it up! - a statement necklace, some arm candy, simple earrings... take your pick!
5. Have fun walking around and see if anyone notices how you recycled your clothes!

Oh! And my furry friend Koda says hi!


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