July 29, 2014

Blair Hair

Hey ya'll!

So I had a great time visiting ATX and am so happy to be back and right back to shopping for my #oncampusspace! 19 days and counting!

Anyways, this is a segment I like to call "Blair Hair" (as in Blair Waldorf of course!).
I love the way she styles her hair so many different ways! Hey might as well watch Gossip Girl to get some ideas! I know I do!

So this is a casual and easy updo! A boho hair wrap.

What you'll need:
*a headband of your choice (you know I prefer ones from charming Charlie's! but make sure it is the kind that goes all around!)
*some bobby pins

Step 1: locate your cute headband. This embellished black one looks really cute with my yellow top and rose gold accessories! 
Step 2: set it on your head over your hair and if it easily slips, secure with bobby pins
Step 3: begin tucking your hair into the headband and wrapping it around until it's all in 
Step 4: continue to do so all around your head... the back is kinda hard to do! 
Step 5: make sure it's all tucked in all around! 

Step 6: use bobby pins to secure! 
Step 7: hairspray it real good! 

And done!

Hope ya'll have a great hair day! 


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