September 22, 2014

A Week of Workouts

I would consider working out a hobby of mine. Ever since I was little, I always had some sort of activity after school to drain me of all that cooped-up energy. I danced for fifteen years and also did a bit of gymnastics. When I got to be a senior in high school, I didn't have the time to belong solely to one activity. I decided to start going to the gym and also some walk-in exercising classes nearby.

So I'll start off by saying that a gym membership is one of the best presents you can give yourself.  Look for one that is within budget but also gives you a lot to choose from. Back home I would just go to the fitness club in my neighborhood, but attend barre and yoga classes outside of that. If you think you'd be interested in trying barre, check to see if there is a Pure Barre near you. It's my favorite!

At college, I have access to two student fitness centers. College campus gals, if you have one - use it! It's free, it's always there, and it's a good distraction from all that busy work. I go to mine 4 times a week, but even going once or twice will make you feel good.

So here's a look into my Monday work out:

Monday I go to Turbokick. It is a high intensity kick boxing class. Prior to this, I had never done kickboxing, but you don't have to be a pro at anything to try it. It turned out to be relatively simple and easy to pick up, the hard part is giving 110% for all 50 minutes of's tiring! However, I love it because the high intensity aerobic state your body is put in makes for 18 hours of a faster metabolism. So I definitely feel good afterward!

Also, my instructor plays Taylor Swift's "Shake" when we do it is the bomb!

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