August 8, 2014


What a week, ya'll!

I've worked the 9-5 (and some graveyard shifts) getting everything ready for my on-campus move-in! I've organized, shopped, boxed, name it! So in the true TGIF spirit, I'm treating myself today.

I have been missing my morning workouts a lot this week with my lengthy to-do lists, so for one hour  this morning I put all that on the back-burner and hit the weight room. Here's my workout (try it out for yourself!)

20 min cardio - treadmill
Arms - 15 pull downs (x3)
          - 15 tricep dips (x3)
          - 15 deltoid pulls (x3)
Legs  - leg press 15 (x3)
          - adductor 15 (x2)
          - abductor 15 (x2)
Abs    - 20 regular crunches
           - 20 bicycle
           -20 baskets
           -20 side crunches (each side)
To finish - 7 min sprint on treadmill

The best thing after a hard workout is some hot green tea and some delicious berries...and a shower of course!

I ran a few errands, but kept my makeup very light and simple for this day of relaxation. I mixed my bronzer and blush lightly together to give me some easy contour. I kept my outfit simple with a pair of seersucker shorts and a light button down.

A spa treatment pedicure was my treat for all my hard work. I needed it to last me for a couple weeks since I'll be busy with my move-in. I got a berry red Essie polish called "Pampered" (how perfect!), and also treated myself to a sea salt exfoliation.

Instead of bringing a fashion magazine, I took time to catch up on all my favorite blogs and add things to my wish lists at my most visited online boutiques.

>>Have you checked out College Prepster? She's by far one of my favorites! She had a great segment on accessory organization that gave me some great ideas for my on-campus space.

>>One of my favorite bloggers, Caitlin at Southern Curls and Pearls, just went to Cabo for Shop BellaC. I loved looking through her vacation looks because the brands she wore were cute and affordable.

>>I'm loving creeping @pinkpelicancloset's instagram. She sells gently used designer brands - perfect for this dorm room girl with designer taste! I just ordered an adorable striped dress from her, so be sure you check her out!

>>My newest boutique obsession is Shoot The Moon LA - super trendy items for a super price! I ordered a blazer from them (be sure to stay tuned... it'll be on my fall - haul!) Their accessories are also oh-so darling.

After my pamper appointment, I made a trip to Bath and Body Works to stock up on all my smelly-good stuff! Twilight Woods spray has always been my favorite since the seventh grade, and this stress relief pillow mist was a must buy.

All that hustle really is worth the while! But as Blair Waldorf says, "If you're gonna sweat the test, it better not clog your pores." So make sure you give yourself a pat on the back (and a mani-pedi!) for all that you accomplish.

It's crazy to be leaving my home and city of sixteen years in just one short week. Appreciate all the little things, love much, laugh often, and never let anyone dull your sparkle.


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