August 31, 2014

(Fall)ing in Love With Midi Skirts

Hey ya'll!

Midi skirts are "wear" it's at this fall!

Whether you wear them to practice modesty or just for the fun fashion trend, they are a great piece for your fall wardrobe.

I feel like in fall we can loose our cutesy, feminine vibe if we are always in jeans and sweats. Date nights and parties are always hard - you can't always wear your favorite dress. Skirts really work some magic in this department.

On that note, when it gets too chilly for bare legs, stock up on some tights at Forever 21. They are super cheap so you can guiltlessly buy one of every color and style.

Back to these adorable skirts: Since this is a relatively new look to hit the fashion scene, these babies aren't in every boutique near you... yet!

My roommate actually recommended Sister Missionary Mall to me. The skirts are made especially for young women traveling as missionaries who are required to wear long skirts. Even though I'm not headed across the country, (maybe one day!) I checked them out.

I decided to get one solid color and one print for my fall wardrobe, and guess what... 2 for 15 dollars! (In the sale section).

For my Sunday best today, I wore my horse-printed navy skirt paired with a tank top and cardigan I got from Forever 21 a while back. It was relaxed, comfortable, and fun!

Yesterday at the Farmer's Market, I wore my teal one to bring a little color to the rainy day we were having. With a simple black tee, I kept it casual and let the skirt stand out.

What a fun long weekend here on campus. I hope yall's go well, too. 

Be sure to check out my friend's blogs! Kelsey's (far left) is and my roommate/photograher's (Allie is the one holding our gorgeous fresh bouquet for our dorm) is



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