August 18, 2014

Top 5 Things to Monogram for School

You may not be a monogram-oholic like I am, but I think we can agree the trend is pretty cute - and spreading!

Yes there is a such thing as too many monograms, but using them tastefully to dress up your stuff looks great - especially school supplies.

Here are my top 5 things to monogram this school year:
What will you personalize?

1. binder covers

-There are free printables on the internet. Also, you can make it a DIY project and get scrapbook paper from your local crafting store: Paint the monogram, use a sticker, or free hand it with a colored marker.

-This is also a great way to keep your binders/folders organized. I usually do a different Lilly Pulitzer print for each section. I know that's kind of southern-belle-crazy, but hey - organization is organization.

2. Headbands

-Towards the end of the first week, I am tired of styling my hair, so I put a headband in. To avoid looking like I got ready in 5 minutes (even though I did), I like monogrammed headbands for an accessory.
-Mimi's Monograms has lots of colors to choose from for your bad hair days.

3. Fleece jacket

-Once the leaves begin to change, I see loads of fleece jackets. I usually get mine in a neutral color (I have a black one), so adding a colored monogram on the front looks great. Locate your nearest boutique or store that monograms and take in your favorite fall jacket.

-I love all of Alyssa Paige's monogrammed goodies! Check out her blog

4. Backpack or book bag

-Personally, I wish it was elementary school and I could have a Lizzie McGuire backpack. In high school, I knew I would get some stares, but those boring solid backpacks gave me a migraine! Once I discovered monogramming, I quickly took my plain black bag to get monogrammed.

-For my boyfriend's birthday a couple years back, I got his lacrosse jersey number monogrammed on his backpack (in a manly font of course). He still uses it today, and it looks awesome!

-If you'd rather have a tote bag, Swoozies has tons to choose from with monogramming options available.

5. Water bottle or Tervis

-This is probably the most popular one, and I love it. Get monogrammed stickers from blah blah, or check out Marley Lilly.

Tag your pics of your monogrammed gear with the hashtag #campusmonogram.

Hope everyone has a great Monogram Monday!



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