August 11, 2014

Spotted: Bowties!

As a devout prepster and Gossip Girl fan to boot, Chuck Bass is always my #MCM.

Agree? Check this out:

Mr. Bass can really pull off the bow tie, and I know us southern belles really swoon over that look.

So here's a little tip for your #MCM, or a future present for your dad, bro, friend, or bf:

Bowtie Brand is the best place to go for guys to dress up their polos. They have every print and color imaginable as well as collegiate inspired prints like this Clemson one below. 

And ladies, if you haven't hooked yourself a Bass yet, here's a little something for you! I mean bows over bros right? 

Bow tie bracelets are a fairly new trend, but I'm lovin' it already! The Bow Next Door (on etsy) carries the cutest ones in many different designs, and in your college colors! 

These are definitely on my fall wish list! Gotta support my football team and dress up my campus wear! 



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