March 16, 2015

Rocksbox FAQ

Hey ya'll! 

Thanks so much to those that have used my code to receive their first month of Rocksbox free! I can not wait to see what you get. I'm thinking mine is going to get here to campus while I'm away on spring break (wahhh), but I will post pictures of what I get when I open it.

I've gotten two main questions when it comes to Rocksbox, so I thought I'd answer them via blog post for anyone who is wondering. I belong to an online style blogger society, and I asked some fellow members about their experience with the company. They've allowed me to share their posts with you, so that you can get a couple more opinions and learn some more about it.

Bri at Nuetral to Neon just did a post on Rocksbox! She explains how the system works to a T.

I loved Ada Advic's post on her blog about her experience with the company. 

Brenda Kelly shared her thoughts here on A La Page Style. 

When you order your Rocksbox, be sure to use the code cristinaoncampusxoxo for your first month free.

Happy shopping!



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