February 12, 2016

Style Your Desk (for $30 or less!)

When I was little, I used to decorate my desk with pictures from my Discovery Girl magazines and the stickers I got from the doctor's office. I've always had the mentality that if your desk is going to be a part of your room, you should dress it up and make it a great focal point.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed that I take a lot of pictures of my desk. It's not because I think I'm the Joanna Gaines of desk styling, but rather because I spend a lot of time there. I'm a desk person. (Is that a thing?) I am 10x more productive sitting at my desk, Spotify going, and my favorite candle burning.

My desk is also the part of my room that gets the most press. I get questions about where things are from and what not, and though I've touched on it in my room tours both on the blog and on Snapchat (cristina.snaps), I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to teach you how to dress your desk...and for way cheap!

I'm pretty sure I decorated this whole desk for around $30. Let's see how you can, too:

First, pick a color scheme for your desk
If everything matches on your desk, it will automatically look more put together, yeah? My branding colors are pink, gold, and a whole lotta Tiffany blue, so that's what I gravitate towards. Since my desk is white, I can get away with adding in some fun prints. (See: my ban.do agenda)

Grab the basics 
Here's where you will spend the most of your desk decor budget. Basics include desk necessities such as a pencil cup and organizers. I spend the most of my money here because these are the things I will always use. Even if I decide tomorrow that I want the colors of my desk to be cheetah print and navy blue, my basics will still go.

My basics include this Monogram acrylic pencil cup  ($18) and my Target organizer is from a Nate Berkus collection back in 2014. A cheaper (and timeless) option would be an acrylic organizer .($7)

Add some ambiance
I have a candle obsession and it's no secret. For your desk, all you need is one in a subtle, floral scent. Anything too heavy can make you sleepy and leave you wanting to hit play on your Netflix show while you're in the middle of working. Scents like jasmine, gardenia, and lavender work great!

You can find my candle on DW Home for under $15! Sweep the clearance candles at Target if you want something under $10 :)

Give everything "ugly" a place
I really don't mean this to sound harsh. You know when you have something you need at your desk, but it's just not cute looking? Example: I have a pair of bright red scissors. I need them, but they're not cute. Utilize the storage space of your desk or head to Goodwill or Ross for cute bins + baskets.

Books for decoration
I love using books or magazines as decoration. I have my iPad and my handy dandy notebook serving as a pedestal for my pencil cup. You could use colorful magazines, coffee table books, or even just a cute notebook. The trick is to use something you already have, so you don't spend anything. If you just read the latest Cosmo and you love the hot pink cover - use it as decor!

Sticky notes + note pads
Even if you don't use them, get them. I find that buying them keeps me to stay organized though, so you never know - may help you turn over a new leaf. Choose ones with patterns or colors that match your "theme". And as always, look no further than the Target dollar spot.

Bulletin board/Inspiration board
It's no secret that I decorate my bulletin board with magazine cutouts, but recently I've been adding more personal touches. I have a few Christmas cards tacked on there since they happened to match my color scheme, haha. I also add some blogger friends business cards! If it matches and adds to the personality of your desk, go ahead and tack it on - movie ticket stubs, poloraid pictures, you name it! To bring the cost down, use a piece of poster board and secure with washi tape! It'll cost you less than $5 :) 

Prints + frames
I am not crafty, so I deeply admire those who are! I stumbled across Prints279 and fell in love with the foil-lettered prints. They are simple and feminine, which is perfect for an office space. Pieces like these prints add a simple, homey look.

Also, have to brag for a second about the designer/owner. Charmaine is by far the sweetest person I've ever collaborated with! She's a new mommy and she took the time to send me a print to test out. As ya'll know, I admire those who turn their hobbies into small businesses! She is in the UK, but Paypal will convert prices to US dollars.

You can order pre-made prints or design your own on her super-cute website prints279.com. Follow on Instagram for giveaways, too!

Use my code "blogger25" for 25% off your first order! 

Desktop backgrounds
Super easy: just go to Pinterest and search "free desktop wallpaper for download" or something along those lines. Again, try to get it to match the rest of the feel of your office space. I found that this was the best way to automatically make my desk feel more "me". 

I hope this post helped you to move one step closer to your dream desk! If you use any of these tips, go ahead and tag me in your Instagram pics! I'm @cristina96x.




  1. I love Nate Berkus's collections! Decorating my desk is one of many of my favorites.

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  2. Oh my gosh Discovery Girl mag YES hahaha. I have a ton of Nate Berkus goodies on my desk now at school!! My desk is my favorite area to decorate :)


    1. I collected those magazines like they were buried treasures! Haha, the good ole days :)

  3. I love my desk so much too! I am so much more productive sitting at my desk than on the couch or in bed. I think it is nice to have a candle at your desk, and a bulletin board with cute inspiration!

  4. Yes to all of these!
    I can't wait to decorate my future desk in my at home office.

    xoxo, Jenny

  5. These are great tips! I hate the way my desk is that comes with my dorm room, but I can't wait to have a much better one once I get an apartment!! I want to add more personality to it ;-)

    xoxo A

  6. I love using washi tape to decorate a small space, especially a desk area!

  7. My desk always gets so crowded! I definitely need to get it more organized. Thanks for the tips.

    Best Wishes,
    Allison | www.LiveLifeWellBlog.com

  8. I love getting little containers and stationary items for my desk. I picked up some adorable items at Michaels today.

  9. Your desk is the cutest thing ever!!
    xo, Syd

  10. Feeling some serious desk envy reading this post!
    Rebecca xo

  11. these are all such cute ideas! I think that your desk is something that should definitely be something that is decorated with style, after all it's where most people spend most of their time getting work done! x, kenz http://sincerelykenz.com

  12. I love desk supplies so much and styling my desk makes it easier to get to work. I can't work if my desk is messy. I love your work area.

  13. Love these cute desk products!

  14. Sticky notes are a must! I love the monogram pencil holder.

    Amanda || www.fortheloveofglitter.com