February 4, 2016

Everyone Needs Valentine's Day

I didn't think of Valentine's Day as a "couples" holiday until the 3rd grade. My elementary school had an annual roller skating party just a couple weeks before the holiday, and it was pretty much the biggest event of the year. At this point, if a boy thought you were cute, he'd better tell you at the skating party, so you guys could be locked down as boyfriend-girlfriend by Valentine's Day.

Sounds really silly, right? Because it was. And we were 9. But, just go with it.

I remember being furious that the whole boyfriend-girlfriend fad was becoming a thing. I loved Valentine's Day as it was: getting cards for my whole class (bonus points for temporary tattoos) and giving a special candy necklace to my BFF. I remember skating as fast as I could around the rink that night, hoping no one would come and try to get me to "go out" with them.

I realize that while I don't feel the same about Valentine's Day anymore, some people still do. Some of you might wish that this day would just....not.

I hate to be the stereotypical girl who's in a relationship that comes on the internet/social media and goes "it's totally not for just for couples!"...But that's kind of what I'm doing. (I have more than just my two cents to offer so keep reading.)

So how can you celebrate if you're single, in a relationship, away from home, or too busy to really do much?

Like this:

Have a webcam date
Grab your favorite easy meal (or go to Chickfila) and then sit down and FaceTime your loved one. This could be your family back home, your best friend across the state, or your long-distance boyfriend. Maybe even just call someone you don't get to talk to all that much and see how their day is going. They'll feel the love, you'll feel the love, and - wouldn't you know it - you're participating in the holiday without feeling nauseous from all the mushy gushy-ness.

Send a care package 
As we know, I'm a huge advocate of Target and the Target Dollar Spot. Go load up on some goodies, add in their favorite candy and wa-la! You have yourself a Valentine's care package.

Have a girl's night
Pick out some chick flicks, stock up on junk food, and have your girls over for a singles party. Make sure to take a lot of cute Instagram pics so the boys know what they're missing :)

Send a (paperless) card
If you haven't heard of Paperless Post...well, now you have. Just look through these pictures to see how CUTE their Valentine's cards are. It's super simple to send one - you just pick the one you want (They have Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Co.!) and then you customize it with your message and the envelope color.

Enter the email of your loved-one and off it goes to spread the love! Send one to your best friend who's at a different college, your big, your little, your grandma, your favorite aunt...whomever! You can also use them to make some bomb online invites. Think birthdays, grad parties, bridal showers and more!

Do some random acts of kindness
Again, the holiday is about LOVE not having a significant other. Go around your town solo or with some friends performing random acts of kindness. Buy someone's Starbucks drink, give your waitress a bigger tip than normal, leave an uplifting note in a book at Barnes and Noble....get creative!

Put on some jams and bake something sweet
This is a fun date idea if you wanna do something laidback. I know that some couples have just started dating by the time Valentine's Day comes around and you want to celebrate but don't want to do anything too...Valentine's Day-ish. But, this is also great for gal pals that wanna hang out and have fun on the holiday.

I hope you're a Valentine's Day person now! Haha :) Just wanted to make sure that everyone has a good reason to stuff their face with candy.




  1. I love these ideas! My friends and I would do movie nigths!

  2. The paperless cards are sooo cute! Great ideas!


  3. I love all of this advice. Especially a girls night, card to a friend, and a random act of kindness.

  4. What fun ideas! Love hearing your Valentine's Day memories from childhood. :-)

    xoxo A

  5. I love the idea of a care package!!! You could even FaceTime while opening it :)

  6. The FaceTime idea is something I've really never considered but actually a really good thought!
    Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

  7. These are such great tips! Plus, I adore those cards that you included! They're so heart eye emoji!
    Rebecca xo

  8. I just want you to know I have this great vision of 9 year old you frantically skating in circles trying to avoid all the boys in your grade! Love it! I wish my elementary school would have had a fun tradition like that, all we did was decorate paper bags in gobs of glitter then try to sneakily send Valentine's to all the cute boys. haha xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

    1. Hahaha add in the fact that I was wearing a pink Powderpuff Girl tshirt with matching sweats and you've got the whole picture!! Thanks for reading :)

  9. Such great ideas! Since I'm away from my family and friends I'll definitely be Face-timing someone on Valentines Day to share the love. :)

  10. Childhood memories of holidays are the best! I wish I could view the world through my 9 year old eyes all the time!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  11. Valentine's Day is about so much more than having a boyfriend/girlfriend - it's about showing love to everyone around you...so I love this post! x Nicole | www.changeanddress.com

  12. I love this post! May Designs is having a special on valentines right now, so I've been sending them to all of my galentines :)

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  13. Such great Valentine's ideas! I'm planning on sending some goodies to one of my best friends!

    xo Ashley

  14. I love celebrating love during Valentine's Day, and like you said, it really isn't just for couples. In fact, my ex and I didn't always celebrate Valentine's Day because we loved to celebrate love everyday. These are such cute ideas to celebrate with everyone in your life. I think having a video chat is a fun idea, and I just love sending cards, so sending paperless cards sounds perfect for me.

  15. Such fun ideas! As of right now I'm thinking of just having a girls night in with some food, wine and a movie or something! I love celebrating with my friends and family on Valentine's Day!

  16. I will definitely be having a girls night! No boyfriend, no problem! haha!
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