October 10, 2014

10 Ways To Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Not only is October a great month with beautiful fall weather - we also get to draw attention to a very important case and cause. Breast cancer awareness is truly a special thing to take part in. Many women are fighting this battle as we all remember those who have lost it. This month, we all don our favorite pink accessories and celebrate the women who fought hard and those who are continuing to fight.

1. Smooch cancer goodbye
-Pink lips are always in, ladies. It's also a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit. Try NYC's Cityproof intense lip color.

2. Spread a little pink wherever you go
-A sorority on my campus handed out adorable little breast cancer ribbon pins. I think this is a great way for organizations or clubs to spread awareness

3. Sweet and pink
-Raise money for your dearest breast cancer foundation, women's center, or personal event with a pink bake sale! Raspberry fruit tarts, pink confetti cupcakes, and adorable pink cake pops are just a few yummy ideas of what you can make and sell to call attention to this cause.

4. On Wednesdays we wear pink
-Many stores have sales this month inspired by breast cancer awareness. For example, if you walk into Rich Girl Rags wearing pink on Wednesdays, you save 10%.

5. Give yourself a gift
-Hey there strong, beautiful lady! There are some great goodies for breast cancer awareness month at local boutiques, makeup counters, and even some yummy sweet spots.

6. Strut your pink pride
-There are tons of opportunities to join in on a breast cancer walk/run this month. Sign up with your gal pals and save the ta-tas!

7. Write a handwritten note to another lover of pink
-This idea is especially desirable for someone who has a relative/friend that is battling breast cancer or someone who is a fighter themselves. Write them a little pick-me-up or just a simple I'm-thinking-about-you with some adorable pink stationary.

8. Pink on-the-go
Carry the cause with you.

9. Bundle up in pink
-I know in October we start to crawl in our sweatpants and cable knits, but try adding a little brightness to your wardrobe with some festive pink pieces.

10. Tell the greatest girls in your life how special they are
-No matter what the month, we should always have this much support and love for the ladies around us. Call your mom, hang out with your sister, surprise your boss with coffee, and give everyone a beautiful pink-lipped smile!

Wishing all ladies joy and strength...



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