October 26, 2014

Beauty Sleep

There is nothing I wish more than to drop all my textbooks and study guides and have a luxurious spa day. Wouldn't we all? College has taught me to appreciate the little things and to pamper myself in simple ways when I can. This doesn't mean I put studying off so I can go get a blowout. Rather, I use my down time - in most cases, right before bed - to rejuvenate and refresh.

I have about a 30 minute window in between the time I shut off my laptop and when l to go to bed. Check out my quick-spa tips that you can use, too.

Tea Bags for your bags
-You'll need two tea bags - some green tea or mint tea works best. (I've also seen remedies with coffee grounds, so you may also look into that.) Soak them in cold water for 10 minutes. Apply under your eyes to reduce puffiness. I like to lay down on my yoga mat and listen to some music while I do so.

 Night Cream
-I highly suggest treating yourself to a great night cream. I use one from Mary Kay. This is sort of an all-purpose healer for any dry or cracked skin, and will be especially useful for winter. Apply to lips, hands, heels, elbows, etc.

 Fuzzy socks
-These aren't just for fun. After I apply night cream to my feet, I cover them up with some snuggly spa socks. All the more reason to get yourself a couple pairs!

Petroleum Jelly
-This lifesaver has over 50 uses, but I like to use it on my eyebrows and eyelashes. As you may know, this helps eyebrows stay in place and helps to strengthen and grow your lashes. Who doesn't want their eyebrows (and eyelashes) on "fleek"? :)

-I've bragged about it before, but my eucalyptus body cream is the best. I apply it to my legs, arms, and collarbone area before bed. My senses are so used to smelling this in the evening that as soon as I apply it, my brain tells my body, "It's time to relax and get some sleep".

Pillow Mist
-A great addition to the aromatherapy aspect of the evening is this stress relief pillow mist. Does it work? Well it could just be a mind game, but I do feel relaxed!
Did you know you should wash your pillow cases once a week? Germs can collect on them that aren't very good for your skin, so make sure you take care of that on laundry day.

Things to always remember:
-You need sleep. I know it is hard to schedule yourself a full 6-8 hours, but try! It's amazing how great you feel when you've gone to bed on time - even if you only got to watch one episode of Gilmore Girls instead of three!
-Drink plenty of water. You've heard it more times than you can count, but it is so important. Take a water bottle with you to your classes, and try to fill it up at least 4 times a day. I use my contigo bottle so I can keep track by fluid ounces.
-Wash your face morning and night and try not to touch your fingers to it during the day.

I hope everyone has an amazing week. For more tips for a beautiful you, check out Lea Michele's Brunette Ambition, and be sure to shop the aromatherapy line at Bath and Body Works.



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