October 8, 2014

College Couples Week 4: Inexpensive Date Ideas

You don't necessarily have to be in college to want to save money. Going out to eat or going to see a movie every week with your significant other can really add up. Try some inexpensive dates to save money for a fancy one every now and then (because I know us girls love getting all dolled up to go out).

1. Pumpkin carving

picture from HerCampus - Go read what they have to say on fall date ideas! 

-Pick up some pumpkins at your local grocery store (or wherever you can find the best prices). Carving/decorating pumpkins is a complete DIY project. You can even print stencils on the internet. Cameron and I did this last year and had so much fun.

2. Go to a free park/museum

-You wouldn't believe how many awesome places like this exist. It's especially great to go off campus for a bit. This Saturday, as I posted about earlier on the blog, we went to Devil's Den in West Fork, Arkansas. It was completely free and absolutely beautiful!

3. Netflix night

-Have you seen the latest season of New Girl on Netflix?! Also, if you can make a fort like this one I found on Pinterest, go for it!

4. Play with the dogs at your local animal shelter

-This is hands-down my favorite. Look up the nearest animal shelter to you and see if they need volunteers for anything. Here in Fayetteville, the animal shelter has training sessions every other Thursday for kids to volunteer. Cameron and I went yesterday and got to throw a ball around with Major. Isn't he cute?!

5. Dining-hall date
(how cute is this old diner date pic?!)

-This is a total college move, but I really mean it in all seriousness. Set aside time to go eat dinner together. Yes it's the dining hall and yes it's cafeteria food, but all that matters is you're with each other. (And our dining hall here has the best chocolate chip cookies!)
-If you're long distance, Skype each other while you both eat some ramen! You gotta do what you gotta do.

I hope ya'll find this helpful! Remember to send me any questions on my Ask account.



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