October 31, 2014

Makeup on a Budget

There's always a little bit of disappointment in my heart when I see that the gorgeous lipstick Lauren Conrad is wearing is $30. Sometimes I want to get the flawless Dior foundation finish, but just can't afford the bottle. No matter whether you're a full time student or have a full time job, a lot of the makeup products you read about in fashion magazines or other advertisements can be a little too much for your wallet. So today I'm sharing my makeup cheats:

I absolutely adore MAC lipstick. I got a free nude shade as a party favor once and just about cried when I ran out. You can get your favorite shade for less at your local drugstore! Just look carefully at the color when you run across it, (maybe even snap a pic or write down the identification number) and take it with you when you grocery shop to compare.

This is a dupe for Essie's "Butler Please"//image found here

You guys are already well aware that I usually don't put anything on my nails but Essie. Unfortunately, I had to change my ways when I got to college because a $7 bottle of nail polish can get me a case of water and some microwave meals. My friends have converted me to SinfulColors - $2 at Walmart? Heck yes! Once again, I just compare colors to get the desired look.

Comparison of elf's "All Over Color Stick" to NARS brand. See my Pinterest for more!

My favorite brand right now is Elf. I recently bought an eyelash curler for only $3! Also, their brow color and care products are much cheaper than Benefit or TooFaced, so I've grabbed those also.

Covergirl mascara rules...and I find a lot of coupons for them! Make sure you check your grocery coupons to see if you have some as well.

I hope this helps all the college ladies out there. And listen, there is nothing wrong with going for the designer brands. If you are really looking for something specific, just plan ahead: save up money and make sure you check for sales and deals before buying.

No matter what, ya'll are gorgeous! Oh, and have a fun and safe Halloween.



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