November 9, 2014

Long Time, No Talk

Hey ya'll - long time, no talk!

This week I got a very bad cold virus and was in bed with a humidifier on and a cup of ice chips for the better part of the week. I also had three exams (Yikes, I know). I am feeling much better, and I've had time to plan some fun and helpful posts for ya'll.

Let's look to my insta to fill you in a bit on the past few days:

I bought the book "Summer at Tiffany" by Majorie Hart over the summer, but completely forgot I had it while packing and moving. I found it in my drawers and added it to my nightly routine of tea (peppermint is the best when you're sick). Highly recommend it if you are a fan of memoirs, history, sisterhood, and Tiffany's of course!

I de-lofted my bed! What a milestone. To all soon to be college gals: how you have your bed is completely your decision. Lofting your bed allows you to have storage and/or your desk underneath, but it's pretty hard to get out of bed in the morning. That was my reason for de-lofting it. If you are going to have your bed de-lofted, I would recommend only lowering it to where you can still have storage room under it (ex. drawers, mini fridge, etc.)

My latest obsession is the Lauren Conrad line at Kohls. I've been shopping it since my Easter dress back in '09. But wait till you see the winter collection! Obviously, I loved the fall sweaters and tunics - this one is my fav! 

Cameron and I took our annual couple pictures Saturday! We aren't posting all of them until our anniversary this coming Saturday, the 15th! (I cannot believe it is in just a few days! I've truly been looking forward to this day for years!) 

Now that my room is rearranged, I had some blank space on my walls. So here is the ultimate college craft:

 I am saving up money for the holidays, so I didn't want to spend money on home decor. DIY was the way to go, and I managed to spend a total, zilch, nada! I used some pieces from cardboard boxes and some pictures I cut out of my magazines to make some collages. It took me 3 and a half Gossip Girl episodes, but it was fun and I can now look to my walls for some inspiration.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and warm!



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  1. You de-lofted your bed?! Go you! Nothing....and I mean nothing is worse than dropping your phone, or your teddy bear, or your headphones off the bed in the middle of the night and not being able to reach down and grab them. I'd de-loft mine but I have to keep the dresser under there!