November 11, 2014

This Week's FAQ's: Fashion and More

A lot of people have been asking about my recent purchases and I've also had some questions about CC Rep applications. So let me shed some light on two of my favorite things: clothes and lovely friends! 

(Had to add this gem...obsessed with my new profile pic/avi! And I just really love Cam!!)

First things first - 2nd semester Cristina on Campus reps!

There aren't any hard-hitting qualifications to be a rep...

-Do you have to be in college? Nope! I like to assume ladies of all ages and education levels love to find the hottest styles at the best prices. I have a sister in middle school who's a rep and my parents spread the word to co-workers. 

-How much will tshirts be? This I can't determine right off the bat. The cost of tshirts goes down with the more reps that take the position. To give you an idea, last semester I had 14 reps and tshirts were around $12 each. (Keep in mind, I'll have to add shipping costs this semester!) If for some reason the shirt doesn't end up being in your price range, we can arrange something. So just let me know.

If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to email me at


Yes, it is true, I got a down jacket for only $68! (Actually, it was $53, but I paid extra on shipping so it will get here before the end of the week. Ya'll it's going to snow this weekend!! Lord, help my Texas blood.)

I found the coat on 6pm - a site of the latest markdowns from hundreds of name-brand designs.
Other sites like 6pm that I like to visit are:

I will attempt to take a picture of my new jacket as I shiver and try to avoid frostbite at our football game Saturday evening. Also, I have a great anniversary dinner outfit planned that will show you just how to layer it up for the cold. 

Make sure you are drinking lots of tea and may your day be merry and bright!



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