November 30, 2014

Some Questions for You

Lovely campus ladies and fellow blogger fashionistas, I need your help.

So it's about time for me to get a trim and a fix. My hair has been growing out for the past two years from an a-line bob. It's a couple inches past my shoulders now and I wouldn't mind getting it to about 3-4 inches longer.

So here are my questions for ya'll:

1. How should I get my hair styled while it grows out? Layers, angled cut, mohawk? Obviously joking about the mohawk...maybe in another life. And sorry I'm not doing bangs - been there, done that, looked like Dora the Explorer. 

2. What is your favorite heat protectant spray? I've started to use heat on my hair almost every day, so it's time for me to get something to treat it. 

3. What is your go-to product for a little shine? I've heard of several different serums and sprays, and I'd like to try one to bring a little more life to my hair - especially in this dead winter we've got going on. 

Thank ya'll so can post in the comments, talk to me via Twitter (@cristina96x) or email me at



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