December 1, 2014

The 411 on Morning Workouts

Because I like food and feeling good in my clothes, I like the gym. With the school year in full speed, I'm usually only left with two options for exercise: use the gym early in the morning (before my 8ams...yikes) or attend group classes at night. Both have their list of pros and cons. However, with finals coming up, my evenings will be reserved for study groups and espresso. I'm going to be an early bird these next couple weeks when it comes to my dose of daily fitness. Here are some tips, tricks, and motivational bits I've gathered to share with you:

1. Here's some'll kick butt during the day if you bust it in the a.m.!
-I found an article in Cosmo on "15 Very Good Reasons To Exercise In The Morning". In a quick summary, you'll be less stressed when facing the rest of your day (remember what Elle Woods says about endorphins), you'll actually spike your appetite for a good breakfast, and you'll be an overall shinier you.

2. You can have carbs!
-My cousin is one of those fitness gurus and we recently were on the subject of morning workouts. He said that on days you put in work, you can have some carbs throughout the day - and you actually should! A bagel before a workout is good and try some whole grain pasta with veggies for lunch or dinner.

3. Lay out your clothes the night before
-Not only do I do this, but I try to put my clothes and sneakers in plain sight, so that when my lazy self reaches for the snooze button, I can see my nikes giving me the stank eye. Set your alarm tone to something happy and "pumped up". The entire first month of school I used T Swift's "Shake It Off" to get up early.

4. Look good, feel good
-My best gal pal, Sadie, told me that she felt better going to workout if her workout #ootd was on point. I can't argue with that! I love how cute and affordable Forever 21's Activewear collection is. Try bright colors!

5. Pinterest it
-If you're not quite sure where to start when you walk into the gym, pinterest search a few workouts. Check out my "Health" board for some of my favorites.

6. A little inspiration...
-Glamour recently published an article on your fav celebs instagram-straight-flexin'. I don't know about you, but when I can see that I am not the only one with a lifeless ponytail on the struggle bus, I feel a bit better. I recommend checking out the fitness tips on all, I think we all can agree LC is flawless and our body-inspo.

7. Drink up!
-An article on says "Drinking water after you exercise helps you to replace the fluids lost during physical activity to ensure you stay properly hydrated. When you work up a sweat during exercise, your body loses large amounts of water which can lead to dehydration if you don't replace them by drinking water and other fluids."




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