December 6, 2014

Marie Claire Inspo

Confession: I'm a magazine junkie. Maybe it started when my mom took me to monthly nail salon appointments of hers or maybe because I have never met a word I don't like. Either way, when I need to unwind or I just need to re-center by flipping glossy pages of lipsticks, perfume samples, and "Fashion Dos and Don'ts" you can find me in the magazine aisle.

This week, I read (and pinned) all of Marie Claire's December edition with cover star Anna Kendrick.  (She is also another obsession of mine...Pitch Perfect, Kate Spade, witty it.) Check out what I swooned over:

1. I absolutely adore reading the fashion and beauty questions sent in. One woman asked what the best holiday nail polish was if you want something that will go with both the party dresses and the Christmas sweaters. MC suggested "Downtown Brown" by Essie - a deep, chic red. 

2. So I have a new woman crush.. Lynsey Dyer. A professional B.A. at skiing turned documentary film maker. She's shining the spotlight on us gals with her work. (Also, her snow glam look has really inspired me considering I'll be facing freezing temps on campus!)

3. Alexis Brittar for Sephora is probably the best thing since microwave popcorn. The gold glitter make up brushes make a great gift for mom, sis, or bff. 

4. The Kate Spade Mini Maise. That is all. (Santa, I hope you're seeing this.)

5. Speaking of Kate Spade, how perfect is Anna Kendrick? 

6. Anything Banana Republic caught my eye. I haven't ever done much shopping there, but I'm genuinely loving the knits and line of comfy clothes this season. You can check out their sales or get the look for less...just some inspo!

7. So the half-moon nail trend is a thing and I love it. I'm searching for a great tutorial. I think it would be so cute to do it in glitter or something bold for New Years. Thoughts?

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